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11-21-2017 01:06 AM  21 months ago
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Hattori uknown
Someone please help me to Identify a muffler.

I have a hattori muffler that I bought used with no box. I use it currently on an OS 70SZ engine and I like the way it performs.
The seller told me that it is a 946 but it seems that there are three diferent 946 muffler all with diferent lenght:
90FS 3D*2
90Fs 3D*3
90FS 3D*4
So it is imposible for me to say what muffler is this but I can say it measures 45x285mm from end to end including exhaust outlet.
So if you have Hatori muffler that is 45mm wide and about 285mm long please let me know.

Happy autos!!
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11-21-2017 03:52 AM  21 months ago



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It's "Hatori" for one thing....

Just use Google and look up "" and do a search there.


You might find exactly what you need....unless that product has been discontinued.

And, for max performance, always take the time and effort to port your header such that it's port matches that of your engine's exhaust port.

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