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rrElite Veteran

Moline, il

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Setting up the goblin with new servos. Level the swash with the software subtrims. When checking the cyclic, im getting 10 one way and 12 the other. My subtrims arnt very far off center. Guess ill buy the swash level tool and start over. I need to stop and think about this. Everything looks even

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Middle East

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There is no way to fix this. The unit does not provide separate travel adjustment - cyclic or pitch.

If the swash is level and it is still like it, fly it and see if you can tell the difference.

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rrElite Veteran

Moline, il

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Ok so fresh mind this morning I sat down to look it over. Noticed my servo travel screen didn't save. So i do it again then go into swash level and level it. Then i adjusted my blade links to zero. Now my throws are equal. I've never had a problem with the software not saving before. I'll now go back and double check after work today. Always good to walk away and take a break

10-22-2017 10:14 PM  14 months agoPost 4

rrKey Veteran

Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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The way to fix this is to adjust your swash as normal (level at center, level at max pos and level at max neg).
Then adjust all the 3 swash servo's endpoint the same amount at full positive collective or full negative collective to get equal pos & neg max collective travel.

Normal Setup:
Individually center the 3 swash servo's arms (mechanically set the arms close to 90* then use a little of the gyro's servo plus or minus servo centering to get them spot-on).

Then, adjust the swash links to get the swash level at center stick (resist the temptation to change any of the servo's center-point in the gyro)

At full positive collective, level the swash by individually changing each servo's positive endpoint.

Do pretty much the same at full negative collective.

Oops, son of a b!tch...
+12 and -10 degree of collective.
Damn. How normal.

How to "fix" it:
Go to full down stick and adjust all three servo's negative endpoint the same number:
EG Add 5 to each:
SV1 is -105 (change to -110)
SV2 is -98 (change to -103)
SV3 is -95 (change to -100)

Now, check the negative collective.
It will be around -11
Add 5 more equally to each of the three swash servos.

You may not be able to do this on Skookum - but that may be one of a dozen reasons I ditched all my Skookum gyros 4 years ago a replaced them with MSH (Brain / iKON).

How to test it:
In flight,
1) From an upright hover (at about eye level), punch out with full positive collective.
Get a sense of it's vertical acceleration
2) From an inverted hover (at about eye level), punch out will full negative collective.
Get a sense of it's vertical acceleration and mentally compare the two.

Even if the positive & negative bench-measured collective values are the same, they may not result in similar acceleration in upright and inverted flight.

You may have to make similar adjustments to the negative or positive collective endpoints based on flight testing.

And, you could end up with bench-measured collective endpoints that do not match but the heli reacts equally upright and inverted

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10-22-2017 10:45 PM  14 months agoPost 5

rrElite Veteran

Moline, il

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I found the software didn't save my tx numbers in the learn screen. I reset those and recentered my links and its been checked and flown.

11-28-2017 02:50 PM  12 months agoPost 6

rrElite Veteran

N Ireland

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Thats correct adjusting all 3 servo travel by the same amount, I have Skookum it works out the same way.

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