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10-13-2017 07:25 PM  14 months agoPost 1


queen creek az

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Howdy all!!!!

I just began flying heli a few months back and have been diligently practicing. So that bring me to the topic of this thread.

I am flying a gas engine NX4. And I fly nice and slow and gentle like. Right now fast speed will outfly me and I would be posting about how to repair now maintain.

So what does everyone do for maintenance?
Do you merely wipe down the helli after your flights?
How often should you "rebuilt". What does a 40,000 mile check up look like. Just curious what the maintenance schedule looks like for these creatures. And what people use for the tasks.

10-13-2017 08:23 PM  14 months agoPost 2


Columbus, Mississippi

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Gringle : So what does everyone do for maintenance?
I don't have a set schedule, but once you get a few years under your belt you will kind of develop your own. You'll know what to look for, what to lube and what to replace.

I don't have an NX4, maybe a Gaui rep could get you the specifics. But you could tailor this schedule to your specific tastes. JR included this maintenance schedule with the Vibe 50.

J. B. Jones

11-21-2017 01:48 AM  12 months agoPost 3



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I don't have a schedule, but I do check over the entire heli before "almost" every flight,, you should look it over every time.

everything will depend on what conditions you fly in, say one day you take off over some dirt, or dirt gets in the air, well, on a nitro that sticks to the oil, and turns into a sandpaper paste, wearing out parts fast, ball links, balls, bearing, ect. one crash, = dirt everywhere.

just check it over on your preflight,,
wiggle all your ball links look for slop,
look for wiggle in the bearings,
things moving that should not be moving
check head dampers,
The harder you fly, the quicker things will wear out.

my tail slider must have 1500 flights on it. yes its worn out, but it don't stick and still works great. so should I change it, yes, sometimes things can be pushed longer than others. I would never push a ball link if it starts to get slop.

keep your own log, on flights, when you change parts ect.
make note of crashes..
I've noticed that sometimes it could be 2-10 flights after a crash my clutch shoe will break off. The impact most likely stressed the clutch, and it failed later. I see that in my logs.

Empire Hobby Team Gaui USA

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HomeAircraftHelicopterGaui NX4 NX7Other › Heli Maintenance Schedule
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