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10-07-2017 06:58 PM  33 months ago
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Brain2 and satelite only okay
Ive flown my econverted flybarless r90 a couple of times like this.but wonderng if full receiver ar8000 with satelite is probably safer Anyone do this have issues? It works fine but dont want to continue if im risking my bird.
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10-07-2017 07:56 PM  33 months ago

rrElite Veteran

Moline, il

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The brain isn't a receiver. You should have two sats. Plugged into it. One on each side of frame.
10-09-2017 04:51 AM  33 months ago


Cedar Rapids, IA

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For the record, satellite receivers are full-range, full featured receivers. Their output, however is not decoded into separate signals to drive individual servos. The output is a serial data stream that can be used by other devices (FBL controllers, "main" receivers with decoder sections, etc.).

Devices which accept signals from multiple satellite receivers are able to figure out which one has the best signal and use that satellite for best performance. As signal paths change due to the changing orientation of your aircraft to the transmitter, the "active" receiver is also changing to give you the best signal at any given point in time. This is known as receiver diversity.

Your FBL controller is no less safe using two satellite receivers than it would be using an AR8000 with a satellite. In either case you have two receivers, but the AR8000 route introduces more bulk, more wires, and more connectors. An argument could be made that the two satellite solution is more reliable since it eliminates a lot of connectors and wire harnesses.

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10-09-2017 07:30 PM  33 months ago



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Thanks for your detailed reply. 2 satellites it is then.
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10-10-2017 12:48 AM  33 months ago

rrKey Veteran

Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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My recommendation is to get the Spektrum SPM4649T "quad-copter" receiver with telemetry and also use two DSMX sat receivers connected to the Brain 2.
The SPM4649T connects to the Brain 2 on the CH3 port using a single wire bidirectional SRXL (simple M-to-M servo cable).

Assuming you have a DX8 (or bigger), the SPM4649T has a telemetry down link to the transmitter and delivers similar telemetry as the Spektrum TM1000 does
This allows you to monitor engine temp, flight pack voltages and SPM4649T receiver frame loss, holds and fades.

Because the SPM4649T has single wire bidirectional SRXL, the Brain 2 sends its telemetry back to the transmitter in real time and expands all the channels coming from the transmitter (DX18 has all 18 channel or DX9 has all 9 channels)

All the servos connect to the Brain 2 as normal, so there is no messy wiring to deal with.

The SPM4649T is a single receiver that does not allow for additional satellite receivers to be connected.
It is billed as a "quad-copter" receiver and not for "big helicopters".

However, the BrainDev team has figured out how to have 2 additional DSMX sats connected to the Brain 2 ext receiver ports and use the signals from all three receivers (triple redundancy) and still use the SPM4649T's telemetry downlink.

With this setup, you are safe.

I use this setup on my Trex 600E and Goblin 380.
There are guys I know and have flown with this setup on their MSH Protos Max V2, SAB Goblin 700 and Align Trex 700E.

Personally, I use the AR8010T and the Brain 2 on my Trex 600N and 700N.

The AR8010T has the same telemetry as the TM1000, 1 internal RX and ports for up to 3 additional DSMX sats.
It also has an output-only, single wire, SRXL link to the Brain 2 (keeps the wiring clean).

Because the AR8010T is output-only, there is no real time downlink from the Brain 2 to my DX9.
But, I get head head temp, flight pack voltage, fades, holds and frame loss telemetry. And, it is "quad-redundant" with 4 receivers.
And, it decodes all 9 channels from my DX9 (instead of only 8).
I can use the Brain 2 to log any of the standard stuff, and then look at it after the flight.

Having any receiver that uses SRXL and telemetry allows you to put the receiver anyplace on the helicopter that has good "visibility" back to the transmitter for maximum telemetry connectivity / reliability.
And then having additional sats makes the TX / RX connection as reliable as it can be.
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