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I have a Problem:

I have convert my gasser from Futaba Radio with Mikado Silverline to Vbar control with Neo and i use the Statorgator as rpm sensor

In the old Situation i have my stator gator install in the Silverline with the Positive wire from the stator gator to a free port in the Silverline and works Perfect, because i have i HV setup butt the output from the sensor2 port are 3.3V in the Silverline so i get advice to put the servo wire from StatorGator in to a free port to get 7.4V to the gator and it works fine
In the Mikado PC software the Magnet LED lit green thats Ok and fly many times with this

Now on the conversion to VBC and Neo:

I still use the same StatorGator on HV 7.4V butt another radio setup

I have measure the output pin from the RPM slot from the Neo and can handle HV so 7.4V to the gator works thats not the issue(i use a direct 2S lipo to the Neo)

When i put the connection wire from the SG into the RPM slot and look in the Neo PC software and GOV info menu from the VBC they dont work!

in PC software the Green Magnet LED are not on! and in the VBC in the Gov info menu they are not Aktive!

I have everything connected propperly.

Now on the otherhand WHEN i disconnected the SG wire out off the RPM slot from the Neo the PC software told me Magnet green (connected) and in the VBC in Gov info menu Aktive????So this is strange!?

So whats my problem???

in other words when i connected the wire its not aktive/No green Magnet light and when i disconnected it will give me a green Magnet LED in the PC software and in the Gov info menu Aktive?????

So whats my problem??

(i try it also with 2 another Neo's and my spare StatorGator and have the Same issue)
and when i putt it back on the old situation with Vbar Silverline with Futaba SB reciever/radio it works perfect????

Please i think i need some help here

I have speak to Mr Rainer Vetter from Mikado and He fly a Vario Gasser with first Silverline and later with Neo and he told me to put a Regulor 5V(because the SL output from Sensor2 port are 3.3V) between the SG and free slot Butt Statorgator told me that the SG can handle between 4v and 8V so on my output pin from the RPM i meassure 7.4V so i think thats ok because SG can Handle this Voltage

I have try also a 5V setup butt the same issue,also with a another Neo and a Neo still the same

Thanks for your Help and Advice

Regards from Netherlands


09-24-2017 02:34 PM  14 months agoPost 2
Pistol Pete


Seffner, FL

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Change SG wire as in test using the other one...white vs red

~~Enjoying the hobby one flight at a time~~

09-24-2017 03:28 PM  14 months agoPost 3



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Thanks for the reply,
Butt do you mean the servowire (black/red/white) from the SG into the RPM slot off the Neo
in another words:
Red (are positive wire) on the signal input

09-24-2017 03:47 PM  14 months agoPost 4



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Thats was the Issue
I dont have try this and now i swap the White vs Red and now i have a Aktive Magnet

Thanks @Pistol Pete

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HomeRC & PowerAircraftHelicopterRadio - Mikado VBAR Control System › VBC and Neo GOV Gasser Issue
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