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09-08-2017 01:55 PM  3 years ago
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Sanford, FL (Orlando area)

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ProModeler offline for Hurricane Irma prep

Not long ago we were praying for our fellow citizens in and around Houston/Beaufort, TX and now it's our turn here in FL. As of today, ProModeler is offline as everybody stays home to prep for Hurricane Irma. Our last big storm, Hurricane Charlie in 2004, led to the loss of an entire building. One that neither FEMA, nor the insurance company helped us with, and resulted is us eating that loss all by ourselves. We're better prepared this time around. Speaking of which, regarding the Beech family, this is our Hurricane Irma preparedness:

1. The Bonanza is hangared. Anything happens it belongs to the insurance company.
2. Checked operation of 2KW tactical generator (Army surplus, diesel, very thrifty).
3. Decided against boarding up windows, may change my mind Saturday - depends.
4. Still have a few things to attend to on the pool deck - furniture. Usually sink the lot.
5. Trying to decide the best course of action with respect to the Jet Ranger (fuselage only, playhouse for grandsons). Probably going to park the Freightliner on one side, stepvan on the other, and secure the struts around the tires with ratchet straps (moving it into the warehouse would be a pain in the ass).
6. Data back up plan in effect and tested (off site storage of back up drive).

Anyway, we have enough batteries for the LED lanterns, potable water, food, 5 full propane bottles, couple bags of ice in the freezer (and plans to buy 3 more for coolers on Saturday), as well as 160 gallons of diesel (principally for a generator that consumes a mere 8 gallons/day at 100%). Thus, we should be OK for a couple of weeks without power. Push come to shove, e.g. major destruction in FL that results in long term (months) of the power being off, we can sleep within the Freightliner and/or take it several hundred miles out to civilization. Or we can fly the Bonanza to Virginia Beach (daughter) although it's conceivable they may need help depending on what this thing does. Right now it looks like we're going to take it on the chin but quite frankly, hurricanes are unpredictable and a mere 2- hours difference on when it finally hooks makes a Hell of a difference on where this thing goes. E.g. whether it goes up the center of FL (like they are prognosticating right now), or creams either coast.

Meanwhile, the emergency stash (within the warehouse) consists of two rolls of 30# tar paper/felt (~200 sq ft each), a 5-gallon pail of tar/roof cement, and 25# of roofing nails. Frankly, this isn't our first rodeo and our home has made it relatively unscathed through several hurricanes. My principal concern by having these materials on hand is more along the lines of emergency roof repairs, e.g. due to loosing some shingles versus actual structural damage. And if not me, then to help my neighbors if they suffer minor roof damage, e.g. to help protect their home from water intrusion because building materials (and labor), and even tarps, will be in very short supply for quite a while (if this thing is as bad as it looks).

So basically, our plan is to hunker down and pray. Especially for our fellow citizens in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale as well as those on Florida's east coast, e.g. Jupiter, Vero Beach, Melbourne, New Smyrna Beach, Daytona, etc. who look like they're going to take the brunt of this storm. God Help us!
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09-08-2017 02:04 PM  3 years ago


Woodman, WI

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Hopefully It will decrease in size before it gets to you! It looks about double the size of Hurricane Andrew. I am glued to the weather channel watching this monster of a storm progress. May God be with you and your family!Never go Full Retard!
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