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As usual Software and Firmware update will be automatic and system will prompt user to update once powered unit is connected to a Windows PC with internet connection active. But for those with Brain that no longer use the Windows application so frequently (because the controller is fine as it was set up), let's know who was interested in the release of the following update:

Release Notes
- 3.1.012 (firmware 3.1.012) 01 September 2017

For all versions: from the release 3.0.000 of January 2017, the "OLD" HoTT-SUMD/UDI/Xbus-B/Mpx-SRXL is no more selectable and who still have this protocol selected, each time open the software, a message appear that told: "We kindly ask to update to the new connection as soon as possible because old connection will not be supported in future releases and will be removed from firmware to make space for new features. Thank you".
Now the time become and if you don't have updated your connection, from now your receiver stop to work. If this the case, please update.

Only for Brain2: to simplify the setup to new user that want to activate the log recording of ESC data with a normal Spektrum satellite's configuration (without telemetric transmission to transmitter), now the pin to use of the CH4-5-6 connector become CH5 (the same as for all other radio protocol)
For user that have already done this kind of configuration, is required to change the ESC to Brain2 connection from pin 6 to pin 5 of CH4-5-6 connector.

• Added in Spektrum SRXL protocol the telemetric transmission of the fades of the additional DSMX satellites possibly connected. Is needed a Spektrum firmware update of SPM4549T receiver! (the SPM4649T firmware update also corrects the “flight pack zero voltage” alarm and the minimum value of temperature of 0°F sent when the SPM4649T receiver is powered on)
• Added for the new SPM4649T firmware the calculation inside Brain2 of "F"rames Losses and "H"olds which also takes into account the satellites possibly connected
• Revised Sat's Fades logged values that now instead to stay at zero become invisible for satellites not connected
• Added also for the normal Spektrum Satellite's only configuration the calculation inside Brain2 of "F"rames Losses and "H"olds
• Added to the list of loggable parameters "DSMX SRXL FADES", “DSMX SAT’s Holds” and “DSMX SAT’s Lost Frames”
• Added the possibility to Bind SPM4649T and all additional DSMX satellites possibly connected, other than by software also by physical bind plug connected on CH4-5-6 port
- Added also in Brain1 firmware the new protocol now used by the new Windows Software for Brain2 to read real time vibrations graph (different SW protocol)
• Added for HoTT telemetry the possibility to disactivate voltage alarms by setting "Voltage MIN" value to 0.0V and/or the ESC Telemetry to "No ESC Telemetry"
• Added the calculation of "Esc Battery ripple" also for all other ESC brand other than only Castle Creations ESC
• Now if "No ESC Telemetry" is selected, with the Spektrum Transmitter "Auto-Config" function, the sensors associated to ESC are no more recognized.
• Now the special stick position for the activation of Spektrum integration is "toggle", so is possible disactivate Spektrum Integration also with this stick movement other than raising throttle
- Raised the value at which AUX channel activate Auto Level/Rescue from >5% to >25% to avoid unintended activations on uncalibrated or noisy transmitters
- In Wizard panel 11 the AUX sub panel become green only if AUX channel transmitted value is higher than 25%
- Added in the info's settable on page1 of the wizard also the Transmitter model/brand
- Now in panel 5 of the wizard, and in the same panel in Advanced->Common->Receiver, also for the AUX channel the number background become green when with End Point/ATV of Transmitter the cannel used for AUX reaches -100 and/or +100
- Now for the Tail Gain "by software" the maximum insertable value with software is lowered from 117% to 100%
- In Governor pages (wizard and advanced), changed the name "Sensing Divisor" to "Magnetic Poles"
- Updated in the MANUALS section the "README_for_ESC_datas_log_and_telemetry.pdf" document
- Updated in the MANUALS section the "README_for_Spektrum_Integration.pdf" document
- Improved microBrain instructions.
- Improvements/optimization/compression/reduction/speed up of the code

 1 page 624 views POST REPLY
HomeRC & PowerAircraftHelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsBrain iKon News  Optimization release: New Firmware & Software 3.1.012
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