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Bayonne, NJ

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I am having a problem with my new Ikon2 BT flybarless. I have flown it twice with no issues after initial setup. Today I went to plug the unit into my PC to check some settings and the new firmware needed to be installed.(3.1.010). I clicked for it to install the new firmware and it began to do so. After erasing the old firmware, the update stopped for a few seconds and I got a message that "MS Heli Configuration Application has stopped working". It did not begin to write any of the new firmware. The application said it was searching for a fix and then said the problem caused the program to stop working correctly and windows will close the program. I tried again and the same thing happened. I switched USB cables, tried another USB port... no luck. My Ikon2 unit now just beeps every 2 seconds or so when powered on. What can I do at this point? Has anyone else had this issue? Do I need to send in the unit? I appreciate your help.

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rrKey Veteran

Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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Three things:
The gyros cannot beep. No matter what.
What you hearing (most likely) is your ESC (speed controller) beeping the motor every 2 seconds.
FYI: All the normal beeps and musical tunes and tones you hear when you power up your heli come from the ESC causing the motor to act as a kind of speaker.

The message "MS Heli Configuration Application has stopped working" comes from Windows, not the MSH setup application.
And, the messages about trying to find a solution are also coming from Windows and not the MSH app.
This is Windows trying to appear to be helpful.
But, it never seems to find a solution for any problem.

My MSH application crashes every time I update the firmware on all of my MSH gyros (Brain and Brain 2).
It has always done this for me.
I've learned to live with it.

I have 3 different brands of laptops but they all run Windows 7.
I have heard from others that use Windows 10 that they see this too.

It always happens at the end of the gyro's update and while the gyro is restarting

And, it has been happening to me since the Setup application was version 1.0.001.
And it happens 99% of the time.
The 1% of the time where it does not crash makes me stop and look twice

The key is: Did the gyro actually upgrade?

When you restart the app, does the gyro's firmware show that it is running 3.1.010?
Check the "Wizard Menu", screen 1.
It should show the applications "Software:" (3.1.010) and your gyro's serial number and the Firmware (also 3.1.010).

If the gyro is still showing the older "Firmware:", then it did not upgrade.

If the older firmware is still loaded, go to the <File> menu (upper left menu) and select "Upload New Firmware".

But, the best place to start is to download and reinstall the MSH Setup application:
Once downloaded, install it.

Yes, I know you have an iKON 2.
MSH makes the iKON and the Brain gyros.
Other than the color of the case, they are identical in form, function, features and all software.

Another trick is to unplug your laptop from the Internet before you start the MSH application.
This will defeat the apps detection of a newer version of firmware for the gyro.
That way, you can look at the gyro to see if there are any real problems.
You can do this anytime.
Sometimes, i will get into the habit of disabling the wireless connection before I open the MSH app to avoid the annoyance of waiting for new SW / FW to download & install when all I really wanted to do is tweak the gain on something

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HomeRC & PowerAircraftHelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsBrain iKon › Problem updating my Ikon2
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