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07-11-2017 11:35 PM  17 months agoPost 21
Pistol Pete


Seffner, FL

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^4.9 billion for Elon Musk in gvmnt subsidies.(total not just space x)

NASA .05% of Fed Budget.

Problem with robot only exploration is that you cannot program it to cover every possible scenario that "may" require immediate action and critical thinking.(Apollo 13)

Communication delay from Earth to Moon is 1.3 seconds. To Mars 3 to 21 minutes and Jupiter 33 to 53 minutes. Pluto 5 hrs.

So robotics alone just dont cut it.

Unfortunately politics now trumps science.

...and no, Tang had nothing to do with NASA budget. They just made it famous.

~~Enjoying the hobby one flight at a time~~

07-12-2017 12:40 AM  17 months agoPost 22

rrElite Veteran


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Some things you do without regard to cost. If it has to be done, you do it and hope to stretch the cost out over many years.

Just escaping earth to the moon, may not be enough. Mars may be the only alternative.

07-12-2017 04:06 AM  17 months agoPost 23


Columbus. Ohio - U.S.A.

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Just a quick search brought up a lot of stuff you may not have realized came from NASA technology. Lightweight breathing apparatus for firemen, technology for CAT scan and MRI, a compound that is found in almost all baby formula and is thought to help support brain and eye development was developed by NASA as well. Many cameras in cell phones use NASA developed camera technology. Robotic surgery also was developed in part with NASA.

That does not even touch information about our planet and exploration of the universe. Chances are you have used some NASA technology in your daily life and it may even have saved your life at some point. In my book NASA is worth the money.

Any government agency is wasteful but I think that it is arguable that few other agencies have contributed as much to the advancement of society and individual lives in such a positive way.

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HomeOff Topics › Is NASA worth the money ? Your opinion please
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