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texas - USA

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The media talks about how "normal" Muslims are radicalized, but in reality they wouldn't even be Muslims if they were "normal".

Remember, it only takes a cartoon to trigger them.

90% of life is "showing up"

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I want to add the Saddam Hussein was the monster. But he was a monster that kept the other monsters in check. ISIS would never came into being with him around.

In one way it was the fault of the West to dispose a dictator and give rise to ISIS, but in another way if the Saddam regime had fallen of its own accord due to internal factors ISIS would still have emerged anyway, because the reason is that the ideology was there. Blaming Western intervention is an easy excuse for some leftists. You have these islamic scholars who command respect simply because of their vast knowledge and the majority muslims go with them and submit to their authority. This is how ISIS started.

The problem with the majority of muslims in the West is that most of them would put sharia law ABOVE the law of the land. To them sharia law is divine, therefore it cannot be overruled by ANY man made social construct, and this is why they savagely react the way they do when we call them up on this. They do not recognise any authority apart from the "divine" authority of sharia.

For us the issue is simple: We can't afford them. We can't afford the continual intermittent terror attacks. We can't afford the placations. We can't afford the platitudes. We can't afford the police and secret service time. We can't afford the extra security measures. We can't afford the changes to OUR way of life for them. And we certainly can't afford the ignorance of our leftist idiots. Eventually we just won't be able to afford it and we'll just say enough, please f$ck off back to the dessert you f@£king c@nts. There are just better things to do, like you know, advance Western society. This is the most exciting time in our history, culturally and scientifically, and we are being held back by all this sh$t in regards to some minority retarded group, and quite frankly I've had enough.

I've been doing a lot of deep thinking in regards to the ultimate question: can islam take over the Western world? The answer I've come up with is: No it won't. There is too much knowledge around about it that is in the open now. There are too many people who are different and who will defend with their lives their differences. The majority of the West will get up to speed with islam very quickly and their continual atrocities in our society only serves to alienate and commend them to the point where they will lose support from the masses in droves. I see Western society as a sort of self regulatory mechanism where the doctrine "equality" is the driving force that keeps everything in line. The nazis tried to impose their vision, we fought back and put them in line by wiping them out. islam will go the same way in the West, either slowly and peacefully - or by FORCE. That will be up to the retarded muslims how they want to play this.

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