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REALACC H36 Mini Quad Copter Review

TYPE: Micro Indoor/Outdoor Quad-Copter
FOR: Everyone
PRICE: RTF $19.99

FLYING WEIGHT: 3.5 ounces
LENGTH: 85mmx85mm
HEIGHT: 30mm
RADIO: Mode 2 mini transmitter
ON-BOARD ELECTRONICS: 2.4G 6 Axis gyro system
MOTORS: Powerful brushed motors
BATTERY: 1 cell 3.7V 150mAh Lipo
CHARGER: 1 cell USB Lipo charger
CHARGE TIME: 30-50 minutes
NEEDED TO COMPLETE: (2) AA Batteries for the transmitter

Package Includes:
- Quadcopter 
- Transmitter
- USB charging cable 
- Manual 
- 4 Extra propellers


* Stable and smooth flying
* Can flip and roll 360 degrees
* Lightweight at 3.5 ounces
* Protective guard around propellers
* Inexpensive
* Great durability for beginners
* Blue and red LED lights
* 2.4G frequency
* Includes 3.7V battery


Flip, roll, and zoom around any room of your house with the incredibly fun and agile REALACC H36. Its light weight makes it unbelievably durable too, (my cat loves to attack it) so you can fly aggressively without worrying about costly repairs if you are just learning to fly. The REALACC H36 is a really fun micro quad copter that anyone can learn to fly basically anywhere. The H36 weighs a little more than 3 ounces and is small enough to fly in spaces like a bedroom. If you have never flown a quad copter before the H36 is just right for you. It gives any beginner stability control to allow it to virtually fly by itself. They have also put protective guards around the 4 propellers to protect the pilot, pets and other hints from getting cut or scratched. Once you've mastered the basics, you can switch to a more aggressive flight mode with higher rates for faster flying speeds and more maneuverability. Coming in at just $19.99 all you have to do is install (2) AA batteries into the transmitter and Fly!

- Fully Assembled
- Inexpensive

- Transmitter may be too small for some hands


The REALACC H36 comes in a small box with the H36 quad and its specs printed sides of the box. When you open the box you find the H36 and it's transmitter packed in their own formed plastic inserts to prevent shifting during transportation. The box also serves as a great travel case for the H36. The 1S lipo is already installed into the quad copter. In the box you will also find a bag containing a 1 cell USB lipo battery charger, 4 extra propellers and the manual.


This little micro has the look of a futuristic flying car. It hovers very smooth and with normal flying you can get a 4-6 min flights out of the small 1S lipo. This little quad shares the same the flight controls of a bigger quad or helicopter as to how it is controlled. I was doing circuits all around my living room, over the fan and trough kitchen minutes after opening the box.

Forward Flight- It tracked straight and true right out of the box. If it is out of trim there is a left to right and front to back trim button on the transmitter. Stable when you want a slow solid hover and right into fast forward flight with the push on the cyclic stick.

Tricks- Don't let its micro size fool you. With confidence you will be spinning and flipping in no time! I was impressed how quick it would flip and roll. Once ready to perform a flip or roll simply push the right top button once and then push the right stick in the direction you want it to flip or roll. With its small size it is also fun to try different types of take offs like kicking it into the air like a hacky sack or throwing it like a Frisbee and flying away.


This micro drone is fun and easy to operate. Flight times averaged around 4-5 minutes with the stock 150mAh battery pack. This little quad comes in a small package but packs a Big punch. I was impressed from the second I put it into its first hover it my hobby room. I really enjoy flying this micro around the house and would highly recommend it to anybody looking to make the transition from a coaxial helicopter to something more maneuverable. It is very fast and responsive in agility mode but when you want it dialed down kick it back into stability mode for a great docile trainer. If you feel you want something a little bit bigger check out REALACC's other quad copters. For $20 you get a ready to fly quad with a charger and extra propellers. I highly recommend giving it a try for yourself or as a gift to someone!

Video Link:

Watch at YouTube

To Purchase

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Other › REALACC H36 Thoughts and Review
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