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05-02-2017 06:16 PM  3 years ago
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rrElite Veteran


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Download Gallery pics to PC
With Runryder closing on July 1st, I found this post which shows how to download all our pics in the Gallery.
As if like me you have some history pics and pics of flying with people who no longer are with us it is nice to keep them if you haven't already saved to PC. Looking through some of the scalers galleries there is some beautiful machines here.

I have tried it and it works...


Use Chrome.
Search for and add the extension "Fatkun Batch Download Image".
Restart Chrome and you should have a new icon in the upper left corner of your browser.

Log into RR and open your "My Galleries" page.

I ran into a problem with the way that RR opened "My Gallery".
When you click on the "My Gallery" or "My Fast Photos" button, RR will open a new Chrome window that does not have the "Fatkun" icon.
Simply copy the URL from the new window that popped up, open a new tab in the original Chrome browser session and paste the "My Gallery" URL into the new tab.

Depending on how you organized your Gallery, you may have to drill down into lower pages or repeat this for each of your lower links.

Now, click on the icon for the Fatkun extension

It opens a pop-up that asks you to select "All Tabs" or "This Tab"
Select "This Tab"

A new tab will open and list all the pictures that you can see from the original "My Gallery" tab (it does not close the original tab(s) ).

Move the "Min Width" and the "Min Height" (top of the page, on the right) sliders to a number that shows just the pictures you want.
This filters out files that are smaller than the size you select.
I usually set this to 500 and that kills the banner ads and button icons mostly.
But, tailor it to your liking.
You should be left with the pictures you actually want to download.

Click "More Options" and you can select the option to rename the pictures as they are downloaded.

The total number of images to be downloaded is listed in the upper left near the "Save Image" button.

Now click on the "Save Image" and you should see a sh!t-ton of downloads start up - one download for each picture.
It will create a new directory in your "Download" folder with the name of the website /page you are looking at and (if you selected the rename option) will add a sequential number to the end of the filename.

What you download from RR "My Galleries" or "My Fast Photos" is not exactly what you uploaded.
Be aware that when you uploaded them, the RR photo uploader changed the size and the quality of the file.
EG: It you uploaded a 3000 x 3000 pixel photo with a 2MB file size, the RR photo uploader changed it to 1080 x 810 pixel and around 100KB (web optimized)

You can also use this for downloading all the pictures on your "My Fast Photos" page too.
All The Best
05-05-2017 02:58 AM  3 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Palos Verdes, Ca. USA

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Thank you Matt!
All helis and planes have an expiration date stamped on only find it after you crash!!
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HomeScale✈️AircraftScale HeliScale Helicopter Main Discussion › Download Gallery pics to PC
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