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Jacksonville, IL

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I have a Raptor 50 with an unknown FBL head on it, no control unit (bought it at a swap meet). I picked up a NIB Spartan VX1 in Toledo. Bought a new Data Pod. Updated Data Pod and VX1 to latest firmware. Watched a lot of Bert's videos on you tube (a lot of good information). I am using JR DS8231 digital servos on pitch, aileron and elevator (all test good and normal on a regular receiver). The ail. and elev. servos wont center very quickly when plugged into the Vortex, the pitch servo works normally. I have set the the setting to "digital" in the Swash section in the VX1. I don't believe it to be a servo problem as much as a setting problem that I have missed. If anyone has any suggestions or solutions please LMK. This is my first attempt at FBL.

Thanks, John

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Warbird 72



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Raptor 50
I have 5 raptor 50 helicopters. All flybar tho. Thinking about changing one to flybarless. LMK as well the best set up beastx. Thanks all.

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don s

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Chesapeake, VA

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I don't have your brand, but on my ships the cyclic servos return to center gradually while on the bench.

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Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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What he said ^^

Really, it comes down to two things:
1) Does the swash maintain a more-or-less horizontal orientation as you rock and roll the heli's body left, right, nose up and nose down?
This is "compensation".
If you tilt the nose down and the swash tilts forward, you have the compensation reversed.
It is similar to a tail rotor gyro. You expect would the swash to tilt back when the nose goes down

2) Does the swash follow the sticks as you would normally expect (both collective and cyclic)?
The slow return to horizontal after a cyclic input is normal.
But, the collective should follow the stick as fast as you can move the collective stick. There should be no delay and no log with collective.

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Jacksonville, IL

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Thanks for the help
Ok Guys, according to the information you gave me I have everything correct. I was concerned about the slow return to center on the ail. and elev. servos but you say its normal. Ticedoff, the swash responds as you say it should by staying relatively level as the helicopter is rocked forward, backward and side to side. I think I have it. Thanks again for your help.


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