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04-01-2017 02:28 AM  15 months agoPost 21

rrElite Veteran

United States

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Hughes500plt may have had a sex change and may have changed his name to from Anthony to Antoinette ??
The last unpleasant dealing I had with him/her was in a classified transaction where his user name was ant_mb

Thought you should know.....
Your beef with me from classifieds is a complete joke! I was the buyer and had no problem with what I bought, it was you that messaged me at least 5 times demanding that I leave you positive feedback that created the problem. I leave feedback after I test items, and on my timeline not yours, as I explained to you! I've bought and sold 100's of items here and only had a problem with 2 people, you and a guy that took a week to ship a heli and charged me twice what it took him to ship it!

04-01-2017 01:48 PM  15 months agoPost 22


The Villages, Florida

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I think everyone would agree that good communication is the cornerstone of a positive classified transaction....

When I shipped with the tracking number I asked Tony to PM me to acknowledge the package arrived safely and to submit appropriate feedback.

He did neither. I waited a couple of days after USPS delivered the pkg before I sent my PM asking if he had received it. It was like pulling hen's teeth just to get an acknowledgement of receipt....

If anyone is interested in seeing the PM's back and forth I will be glad to forward them to you.....

After you read them (I think 5 ? ) you will see what this guy is all about....

In fact, I think this will give you a good idea as well.....

The following "pinked" post was made by Tony after he changed his user name to Hughes500plt......Once I exposed his "dual identity" he had Mark change his username back..... I guess he didn't have the intestinal fortitude to post such an offensive post using his regular username .....his PM's to me were just as disrespectful......
I love this website, but I'm getting close to quitting posting questions in fear of someone telling me I'm asking a stupid question.
Tony's response which Mark "pinked" as being inapropriate was:
I'm almost certain you've been told this before! I mean with the questions you ask you have to have been! While everyone is here to help everyone, you must try and help yourself first! If you're not willing to try and help yourself I'm of the mindset to tell you to F-OFF! The forum is not made for lazy people to come and ask every stupid question that comes to mind. Try and help yourself before you ask a stupid question! FOO much?

Been there, done that and old enough to know better.....

04-02-2017 04:55 AM  15 months agoPost 23


Willis, Tx

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Dudes Name is Tony but claims to be a girl... Wow. Ok. lol. Odd. People never stop amazing me. What a punk.
Guy called me a tool. I guess I'd rather be a tool than have a fraction of the deep seeded emotional issues this person must be dealing with on the day to day.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › Taking off on un even ground
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