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Uh yeah, what are all of those scuff marks from ?
The scuff marks are from the front swash ball. This particular start wand was fragile and intolerant ot miss alignment. It had a single small one-way bearing and it didn't tolerate being anything but straight on the start shaft. That alone put it pretty close to the front ball. Things were made worse by how the wand was mounted to the starter cup. If you pulled the wand off while it was rotating at all, it would wobble around and hit things.

In fairness to this start system, I never replaced the start shaft when switching from the cone to the one-way-bearing wand. I had either ground a flat spot on helicopter start shaft where the cone had mounted, or there were still scars from where the cone grub screws had been. Either way, it was not a good system for a small one-way bearing.

It went a long way in reducing the rotating mass of the helicopter but it wasn't a perfect solution either.
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