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11-10-2016 02:42 AM  24 months agoPost 61

rrElite Veteran

Killeen, Texas - USA

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"MOST qualified Presidential candidate EVER"
stated by a man who himself was the least qualified candidate to run for POTUS at the time as well...hired simply cause of the color of his skin.

what would you rather have? a career corrupt politician that has nothing else lined up with everything to loose?

a businessman who didnt need the job (actually took a step down IMHO)?

my money is on the pu$$y grabbing businessman that will tell you to go F%^k yourself and wont hesitate to bomb the $hit out of any place on the planet.

America... F%^K yeah

showing a preference will only get you into trouble, 90% of everything is crap...

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11-12-2016 01:29 PM  24 months agoPost 62


Orlando Florida ...28N 81W

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What was a previous president said: "Speak softly but carry a big stick."
Well Trump speaks loudly and carry's a big stick.

I think about the hereafter. I go somewhere to get something, then wonder what I'm here after ?

11-12-2016 04:08 PM  24 months agoPost 63


Audubon, Minnesota

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What else can he do if he wants to be heard over all the crying whining.

If it isn't beating the air up it isn't flying

11-12-2016 05:50 PM  24 months agoPost 64

rrElite Veteran


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OK Donald, put up!!
We have to hold Pres Elect DT's feet to the fire. Force Obama to pardon Clinton or the Repubs will prosecute her. It is such an easy thing to do... this is a campaign promise that DT can do in the first 100 days. A pardon will end her public life.

Ding Dong the witch is dead.

11-12-2016 08:41 PM  24 months agoPost 65



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Watch at YouTube

Hillary the Elephant pack up her trunk,
and said goodbye to the Whitehouse,
off she went with a trumpety-trump,
Trump, Trump, Trump!

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