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11-07-2016 10:16 PM  24 months agoPost 1

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Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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helifanatix wrote:
I used to be really active on this & other sites years ago but had to step away a bit. Fast forward ... now I'm able to

- make a handsome income
- close down my previous automotive business
- be able to have lots of write off's (including RC Heli Hobby)
- multi-billion company with locations all over US & Canada

Keep in mind, this might not be for everyone. You must
- communicate well
- enjoy helping people
- be willing to fire your boss
- want to have more time for the hobby

Feel free to PM with a good contact number.

Because of my new endeavour, I'm able to pursue my dreams of having a flight school and hopefully open a RC Heli Museum.

It's not how much you make, but ... how much you give back
But, then he locked the thread before anyone could reply.
There may be a reason he locked it.

This is called Multi-level marketing (MLM).
Also called pyramid selling, network marketing referral marketing and is a controversial marketing strategy in which profit is derived from a sales force which is compensated not only by the sales generated by the salesperson, but by the sales of the salespeople that they have managed to recruit, and of those that the recruits have recruited.

MLM salespeople are not salary or wage earners of the MLM business, their income from the MLM business is derived only from profits that can manage to be generated.

They end up meeting quotas by buying product and storing it in their garage.
Then, they run out of money.
The people pitching this will swear up and down this is good for you.
Unfortunately, it is not.

For a better look:
Multilevel Marketing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Watch at YouTube

Believe 1/2 of what you see and none of what you hear.
Fake News will be the downfall of our Republic!

11-07-2016 10:33 PM  24 months agoPost 2
spaceman spiff

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An old friend got suckered into one of those. Suposedly the group was selling fancy land line phones, it had some sort if a display on it. Never did see one work, nor cared to. The whloe thing operated off of a pyramid of initiation fees. She dragged me to a stupid class full of enthusiastic idiots none of whom wanted to sell or even talk about the stupid phone, they just wanted to sign us up. I could not talk her out of it, and she tossed in money she did not have.... I don't think she ever attempted to sell the actual product, just tried to get her friends to sign up.... Very sad.

The funny part is the guy presenting showed the senario with the pyramid expanding to the right. Apparently that was enough to convince folks that it was not a pyramid scheme. As i said, very sad.

11-07-2016 11:50 PM  24 months agoPost 3
don s

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Chesapeake, VA

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I thought his account got hacked. Oh well.

E820, Raptor G4N, X50F/E, E620, Forza 450, and some planks.

11-08-2016 02:49 AM  24 months agoPost 4



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yeeaa 2 guys tried that with me and my dad, years back, I went to hear their line, had to drive 55 miles to hear that crap,, the guys wouldn't give out any information about it so my dad didn't go,

half way threw all I could think was "yeeaa, that's right, what's what I'm going to do, go to peoples houses, knock on every door, and try to sell and get them to join, and all the while I have to wait months and months and months to build up my status yet all that time other people will be making money off my efforts>>>>>> NOT",, then they brought up 2 guys that got checks, then a 3rd guy got a check and new Mustang, at that point all I was thinking was "BS BS BS"

a week or 2 later I got a call and the guy asked if I was coming in on it and I told him out right, that I was not going to wait around 8 months or a year to make money, by..

I know some one that joined Amway, known her all my life, she tried (tried) to get my wife to join and shell out $300, didn't happen, funny, my wife was never asked to go to a sales party, and we never ever heard her talk about Amway again, I don't think she ever had a sales party,, that was some 15 years ago..

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