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08-24-2016 04:34 PM  3 years ago


auburn ca

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This public shaming mechanism is going way too far.
Rhetorical nonsense.

Its not about shaming. Its about requiring people to act like adults, and not like a room full of 70 year old children talking gibberish.

Look at the top offenders, each would argue that 2 + 2 does not equal 4.
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08-24-2016 04:37 PM  3 years ago


You guesss

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Well of that I agree. I will say that Mark is a fair guy. We have had our differences, but he has always made it clear of what is expected of me on this site. The people you see in that list that have a line through their name, most deserve it. They don't do anything but derail threads, spout hate and senseless crap, and then blame the person they were hating on for getting them banned. One of those users actually blamed me for getting him kicked off HF and RC groups, I guess he can blame me for getting him kicked off here too. Cause that's what happened. It's a shame, we can have fun here, poking fun at each other in a fun and entertaining way. That's what I try to do.
12-12-2016 01:52 AM  3 years ago
wc_wickedclown (RIP)


long beach calif

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love you guys and your are missed if your reading this happy holiday's

wow and newbheliusr
catch me on facebook
Insha Allah made in america
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