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I don't know if there was an in house restriction on the amount of solder to be used on charge plate Deans connector solder joints but I just had the displeasure of seeing why one Deans connector on my parallel charge plate was loose and wiggly and a lipo not charged properly. The amount of solder I discovered hidden within the plastic housing, after four corner screws removed and back plate lifted away, was woefully lacking. The small balance charge connector soldering on the distribution board was ok but the Deans were lacking in a good giant bead of solder.

I remelted the old solder joints on ALL the Deans connectors and built up additional solder to where it covered almost four times the original amount and now feel safe the board will never be to blame for a problem. You have to remember lead is not a high conductor of electricity so passing high amps through a lousy solder connection can cause problems to the lifespan of whole system and your lipos.

You might get a hairline crack in a solder joint which can result in an imbalance in the charge distribution, arcing, high resistance, heat if not inspected thoroughly. What you could run into is a lipo getting over amp charged while the other lipo(s) on the poor connection get little to no charge, high resistance, surpass the charge c rating of one of the lipos and,,,,,,, never yell fire in a crowded building like a theater.

Check your cheap parallel distribution plates by taking the four back screws off and make sure all the connections have a nice fat bead of solder. Deans connectors will also take a lot of wiggling when attaching and removing lipos and the solder inside the plate is poor as a structural support if not heavily applied.

This came after reading the hf forum topics on houses and lipo charging fails, and finally getting back to some charging and flying after a long break meself.

You "need to know", as it were.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › Charge Plates Need To Be RE-Soldered
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