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Anyone competing in this?


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The Drone Nationals Are Showing On ESPN And It’s Pretty Important

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This is going to be a quick post, but I had to get this out to all the TestingAlpha Fans.

For the first time Ever! The Drone Nationals is going to show ,Tomorrow Aug 6th on ESPN3 and this is really big!

Reason #1) This is totally awesome that this new sport, is getting recognized by such a big network. And reason #2) If this event tanks, it could in subsequently make the whole sport ILLEGAL!

With everybody waiting on the FAA’s ruling on FPV Drone Racing, Aug 29th, this event might play a huge part on swaying their decision.

So, what exactly is The Drone Nationals?

Well, that just the name for the National Drone Racing Championships. And this year, for the first time ESPN is going to show it live to millions of viewers. The Drone Nationals have invited some of the best freestyle pilots in the world to come and compete for a spot to represent Team USA in the World Drone Racing Championships.

There are some very top-notch companies and organizations sponsoring the event such as GoPro. And this is the Pinnacle of Drone Racing here in the United States.

What is FPV Drone Racing?

According to MyFirstDrone:

“Drone racing is a sport where drone pilots strive to build extremely fast and agile multi-rotors (otherwise known as drones) to fly around a set course as fast as possible. Almost all drone races today are done using FPV (First Person View) systems.
FPV is a type of drone flying where pilots use cameras to fly drones as if they were sitting in the cockpit. Some pilots fly using FPV monitors, where as others use specialized FPV goggles to give them a more immersive experience.”

And these drones can go upwards of 90 MPH!

Here’s an example of one awesome Drone Racer:

If you want to see an example of Drone Racing check out this video:

FAA current rulings

Currently, Drone racing lives is this subtle limbo of the FAA’s rules.

According to the current rules, drone use can fall into five legal categories :
•Indoor Flights: Not regulated by the FAA, so no rules.
•Flights Under the Recreation/Hobby Drone Law: Known as the Special Rule for Model Aircraft, requires that a drone be operated within the pilot’s line of sight (among other requirements).
•Flights Under a Section 333 Exemption: Section 333 exemptions have traditionally been used for commercial drone operations, but could technically be used for any operations that do not fit within the Special Rule for Model Aircraft or other applicable laws.
•Flights Under a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA): Drone operations by public entities.
•Flights Under Traditional Aircraft Rules: Drone and pilot must meet the requirements of traditional manned aircraft.

And a 6th category is supposed to be added Aug 29th.
•Flights Under Part 107 Rule (effective August 29, 2016)rone operations that comply with the Part 107 requirements (includes passing an FAA test to obtain a remote pilot certificate). The new rule permits FPV flight with the aid of a spotter

This event is only legal because it is taking place under the watch of AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) and the Drone Pilot Federation.

And According to TheDroneGirl, “Drone racers are stuck in legal limbo until August 29, when they can pursue a remote pilot certificate under the new Part 107 rule. The FAA’s position on FPV drone flight among hobbyists leaves drone racers in an awkward legal position and ultimately suppresses entry into the sport by amateur racers.”

*Summary Of The FAA’s Rules Comes From TheDroneGirl

Why is The Drone Nationals so important?

This event is very important because that 6th category is not in effect yet so the FAA could change their minds. If The Drone Nationals is a success (like I believe it will), then it might convince them to allow FPV Racing to continue.

However, if they do amend their decision, then the entire sport will be totally destroyed before it could even gain traction.

There are some startups such as The Drone Racing League, which have over $10 million in funding to help bring Drone Racing to the masses. And many people believe that it could be as big as Formula One Racing, such as the Owner of the Miami Dolphins, who is an investor in the Drone Racing League.

So what can you do?

You don’t have to do anything but Tune into ESPN3 and see if you like drone racing.

Check out The Drone Nationals Here

In the comments below, tell me what do you think of Drone Racing?

Do you like it?

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Yea, I think I will stick with helicopters but thanks for the information!!

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