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06-30-2016 03:59 PM  4 years ago
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F550 props
I have a F550 with new T-Motor 770kv motors. It has the Naza-M V1 w/ GPS. I am adding a 3d gimbal and retractalble landing gear. Running a 4S lipo. What would be good props for this?
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07-01-2016 02:37 AM  4 years ago

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You won't be able to run anything bigger than a 10" on the standard 550 due to tip clearance and stability. I would say a 9-4 would be a good prop unless you run motor extensions.

I extended my arms 50mm on each side so that I could run the 10 inch props. I had a descent stability issue on mine due to a lack of tip clearance, but when I added the extensions, they tamed it down a bunch.

Good luck on your decision.
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