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06-28-2016 12:48 PM  4 years ago
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Go engine 56
Has anyone run one of these on nitro after running it on 87 Oct if so what was your carb setting my igtion system quite working and want to see if it runs on nitro .
06-29-2016 04:05 AM  4 years ago



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I haven't heard of anyone, but if this helps,,
it will run on Nitro/w Glow Plug, even straight Methanol,, but you will have to open the needles, or you could put an OS Glow Carb on it (if it will fit),, straight Methanol is about $4 or $5 a gallon and will still produce more power than Gas,,

another thing you could do is mix Gas and Glow Fuel and still use a Hot Glow Plug, the rule of thumb is to use 1/3 Glow Fuel to 2/3s Gas, but you could mix it half and half, at that you could mix half 30% to half Gas>> I would think if you mix the two fuels you would be better off using the stock Carb..

link for Gas/Glow Mix,

I don't know that engine well, so I don't know it's Compression Ratio, so just know that if you can't get it to run well it may mean it has to much compression for the Nitro Percentage you are using, at that lower the compression or lower the Nitro Percentage

you will know if one or the other is too high because the Engine will not rev up to peak RPM or it just wont tune well for peak RPMs

I have seen people try to burn 15% and 20% Nitro in the SuperTiger's 22cc Glow Engines and it just don't work unless you shim the head, they are made for 5% or less,,
my Tartans are 11 to 1 Compression and burn 0%, they wont run on 5% or higher

as for a "guess" I would say to open the High Needle 1 turn and 3/4 for the Low, I hope I have helped !!

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