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05-26-2016 05:48 PM  3 years ago
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X7 tail hub mod
Over on the other board, there are reports surfacing on X7 tail failures, along the same lines as what was being experienced on the Trex 700s a while back. I guess the reports were significant enough that Gaui did the exact same mod that Align did on their 700 by changing the tail shaft to a straight 6mm, and incorporating a new tail hub with a meatier grip attach nut.

Generally trying to be pro-active about my fleet, I decided to incorporate the mod and install the new hub and tail shaft. I ended up having significant issues with my setup initially. When installed per the Gaui instructions, if the two 2mm screws that connect the slider links to the grips were tightened any at all, the slider started binding up and not moving freely.

One of the fixes that was suggested was to just not tighten the two screws but just "glue" them in with loctite. I wasn't comfortable with that fix, and decided to look at other methods to allow tightening the two screws.

I tried every possible combination of stackups using the Gaui supplied parts, and the only way I found to get the assembly to go together without causing the slider to start binding was to insert a .5mm shim between the grip and the face of the new hub. If that was done, then the screws could be tightened as they should be, and the slider still moved freely.

So I took the two new flanged bushings and removed .5mm off the face that mates to the grip arm and removed the shims that I had installed. This time when I tightened the screws with grips all the way in against the center of the new hub, the slider now moved freely.

What was happening on my setup, (and I can't see how it wouldn't happen on every setup as supplied by Gaui on the mod) was that when Gaui designed the new flanged bushing, the put a chamfer on it to transition from the thru part to the flange. However, the slider link doesn't have that radius on the inside of the hole, so with the flange being as thick as it is, it forces the link to bind on the larger diameter of the radius. Now my tail is back to being as smooth as I feel it needs to be without and hint of binding.

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Home✈️Aircraft🚁Helicoptere-GauiGaui X7 › X7 tail hub mod
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