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05-25-2016 04:37 PM  3 years ago
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Memphis, Tennessee - Shelby

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I just joined this thing.
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05-25-2016 05:02 PM  3 years ago


Virginia Beach, Va USA

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Welcome.....what are you flying or wanting to fly?Minicopter Triabolo 700, Minicopter Diabolo 700, Minicopter Diabolo 600, Minicopter Diabolo 550, Goblin 770, HD 750, HD Cell 500
05-25-2016 05:23 PM  3 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Buckley WA

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Nice to meet you bro.....tell us a little bit about yourself. If we accept you as one of us, there are certain things you will need to there no getting out of this hobby, no matter how hard you will meet some of the greatest people ever in here, and a couple of jerks....wont take long to figure out whos who.
It mandatory to attend funflys and other heli gatherings. And last but not least....the secret hand shake.
Fly Hard......Team Viagra
05-25-2016 06:41 PM  3 years ago
Russell Bear


League City, Texas USA

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And if you at some point want to sell something, please do a spell check before posting, list the price and for Gods sake take a FOCUSED picture. LOLCitizen #705
05-25-2016 07:00 PM  3 years ago


Barstow, California

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"I just joined this thing" With an introduction like that get your "thing" over to another site.
05-25-2016 11:39 PM  3 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Granbury, TX USA

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I want to add my welcome aboard. It's always great to get someone new into our addiction. I hope it will be as rewarding to you as mine has been over this last 45 some odd years.

I'm in total agreement with what artimus posted. There are a really lot of good guys here that can help you with just about any issue you might have. Each will have somewhat different viewpoints on how to do things, and I don't say that in any kind of negative vein. Combining different viewpoints, IMHO, will almost always lead to a positive outcome.

As was requested, let us all know a little about your background, and what you want to try to do with the hobby. I personally have been flying helis for a tad over 6 years, but I have been into flying models since 1960 and RC since 1967. I don't try to even think about equating my flying abilities with those of these young "whippersnappers", but I do like to get out and fly with others.

If you have a local club handy, I would strongly suggest that you introduce yourself and join. Personal one on one help is really invaluable.

Again, glad to have you aboard.
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