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04-23-2016 04:34 AM  4 years ago


North Wales, U.K.

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It helps if you refine your search terms better, for instance I've got mine set for "Scale Helicopters" "Vintage Helicopters" "Nitro, Petrol" "Spares or repair" as well as some searches by specific brand names.

Those search terms pretty much catch all the ones that I may be interested in and will certainly pick up the used ones.

I've not had any problems with used Heli's from ebay, if you know what you are looking for and what it should be like then you can't really go wrong.


I'm only here coz I'm not all there !!
04-23-2016 06:08 PM  4 years ago
Heli Fanatix


Fountain Valley, CA

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Very astute observation Mr D!

I discovered using goggle would pull up results from
- eBay
- forums
- blogs
- etc

eBay would filter their results if you use their search option. I suppose sellers are using words to generate more hits on their ads. I would occasionaly browse through eBay at 4:30am (from insomnia). The choice of key words does help. I have a document of my choice of key words, cut and paste it in the eBay search option. Do some browsing every so often and who knows what will pop up.

I'm the type that like scroll through 1,200 items. Who know what nugget I might find. Heck, few times I found yours truely on eBay. Kekekekeke

But sadly to say, after facing the hard numbers and letting reality sink in. Our RC Heli Hobby is not as great as it once was since the early 80's. We don't have an influx of new generation, rather they are being rediverted elsewhere. I blame the current society mindset:
- number that welcomes a challange
- everyone's expectation level
- think about the now and not about later
- also choice of grammar. No punctuations, proof reading, etc.....Is this how some of us want to communicate?

As great as technology is, it's also an enabler. I tried to fly since 91' on and off, knowing technology would vastly improve or hobby. I could only wait for what we have today. I embrace the SIM, HC3-SX, Lipo's and composite materials. I saw the potential. I tried to resuscitate new involvement in the RC Heli Hobby by offering flight lessons, build services, buddy boxing and mentoring .... But just didn't get any traction, I get responses like:
- you're trying to capitalize on newbies
- why pay when i can go on online / YouTube
- this is not what I expected, I'm gonna fly a quad
- I don't really know how to fly, but build me a 700 so I can practice by myself
- I'm unemployed but want to get in the hobby
- setup my Heli but I don't want to drop it off b/c I don't trust you
- the list goes for miles

We all know you can't make a business out of this hobby
- look at all the local hobby shops & online vendors
- sale for less than what you got it for
- spends hours on end sometimes with no result
- there is a lot of mis-information out there, give us just enough to be dangerous

all for what? Nothing tangible... Just great enjoyment & lasting satisfaction. But in the end, I just realize this is just a hobby and keep it that way
- reach out to as many as you can
- help those that want to be help
- you can not teach more than they want to learn
- it's OK to be compensate (within reason) in one form or another
- find those that are like minded and build a network

In a way, this gave me a general view of our hobby's current situation. We are the minority in the RC Hobby, but it's OK.
04-28-2016 07:52 AM  4 years ago


Barstow, California

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EBay is the last place to buy used fixed or rotary wing aircraft. Believe it or not your local Craigslist is a good place to look. Plenty of over priced junk to be had but occasionally a diamond in the ruff will surface. I purchased my last two helicopters' off this site and paid the seller what it was worth for me. Just remember all the seller can say is no when you make your offer. The first transaction I made the seller wanted $600 dollars and my counter offer was $400. We finally agreed to $450 dollars. When you barter you control the sale not the seller.
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