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03-27-2016 04:59 PM  3 years ago
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Kavan Jet Ranger

I've been looking for stuff on the Kavan Jet Ranger I had back in the 80's. I flew the jet ranger for about 2 years.
The questions I have is as follows.

1) is positive 6 degrees the max pitch? If not what is it.

2) What is the max swash plate movement? On Heliboy, Superior and X-Cell's it was 6 degrees + or -. What I'm getting at is this. At 0 degrees at main blades (swash plate level)Move the roll stick to full left and then full right. ( have it some the main blades will change pitch) It should read 6 degrees to + and going in other direction should read - 6 degrees. This should be the same on Forward and aft. Anything more is over loading. Not sure about 3D but for contest flying was a set up rule.
3) What is the correct gear ratio on the Jet Ranger. I want to set up the Gov. on the Castle Creation.

thank you
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 1 page 746 views POST REPLY
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