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03-25-2016 04:04 AM  3 years ago
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Why I like Don
March 24, 2016
By James Lewis

I have a confession to make. I actually like Donald Trump.

I also like all the other conservative GOP candidates. I’d vote for any one of them over Hillary, Obama and Sanders, who all represent the totalitarian Left, the curse of American politics today. The totalitarian Left is now in bed with Jihad, which is why Obama will not allow the words “Jihad War” or even “Islamic terror” escape his lips. There are no words to describe that kind of sabotage and betrayal, and none of the other Democrats are any better.

On the other hand, I’ve known business people like Trump, and they are mostly individualists. They say what they say, and I don’t have to agree with them. They are not totalitarians. Many of them are competent, and many of them are likeable. They are usually people people. They are not perfect, and they don’t claim to be perfect, unlike our Current Occupant. If Trump is like some of the business people I’ve known, I would certainly give him a chance. For one thing, business people study reality, which might come as a shock in contemporary DC.

I thought Trump shot his mouth off too often in the debates, and I personally feel upset about his treatment of Carly Fiorina. But I don’t think Trump is the kind of guy who would plant sociopaths like Lois Lerner in the IRS to persecute his opponents. Do I think the Don would rule by decree, like Marxo-Jihadist Obama? Nope.

And if Trump becomes president and abuses power the way Obama has done, he should be impeached and convicted, just as Obama should have been. If a conservative wins the next election we should still keep an eye on him/her, because that’s how the system is supposed to work. We don’t go to sleep for eight years. We don’t blindly trust whoever is elected.

The reason I give the Donald the benefit of the doubt is that he has just vaulted through the vicious media mine field, planted by the killer Left ever since they marched through the institutions in 1970s, following their Italian Communist hero Antonio Gramsci. I’ve seen the Alinsky-Gramsci-Guevara Left persecuting college professors ‘way back in the 1970s, when the New Totalitarians took over. They ruthlessly destroyed the most wonderful, tolerant, and genuinely educational system in history, and substituted the fear of PC that intimidates our universities today.

The hard Left lynched their own guy Larry Summers as President of Harvard, in the most shameful academic scandal of the 20th century. The hard Left launched the Global Warming Fraud at Stanford University, of all places, and poisoned the public discourse of climate science for decades. The hard Left imported jihad-indoctrinated Muslims who now assault free speech on American campuses. The hard Left has instituted a reign of racist and gender-based governance in our institutions, while accusing their scapegoats of racism and gender-bias. This is out-and-out evil.

I am frankly beyond outrage at the malignant corruption of our schools and colleges, followed by the degradation of our media, culture, public health, science, and worst of all, the Left’s malignant twisting of American history.

Among other crimes, the totalitarian Left has made it impossible for free speech to thrive in America. They routinely indoctrinate innocent children from elementary school to college, which is why they are directly responsible for the bottomless historical ignorance of the American people today.

I have personally known radical Leftists over the years, and in real life many of them are as corrupt, mendacious, greedy, prejudiced, ignorant, Machiavellian, narrow-minded, deluded, power-hungry and sociopathic as they are in public.

Imagine a million little Obama clones and you have the academic Left today.

Which is why the Democrats today deserve Donald Trump many times over.

In fact, they deserve several generations of Trumps to clean up the mess they have made. But we have only one Trump so far.

It’s a start.

Which brings me to our conservative leadership, which is still bitterly opposed to the most popular GOP candidate so far. These are some of the most articulate and thoughtful people I read on a regular basis, and so far, I have not read a single, substantive critique of Trump. Just his style, which is unconventional, pointed, off-the-cuff, and, yes, sometimes careless in choice of words. But he is on a steep learning curve, and demonstrating remarkable speed at it.

I know Trump has his pros and cons. I’m not looking for perfection, but like his wife and daughter, I wish he would act more presidential. He’s moving that way, but slower than I would want.

But I do want a GOP candidate who can bomb the totalitarian opposition to smithereens, as they so well deserve.

After all, the Democrats have a national security felon and an unrepentant socialist running for President of the United States.

A few critical words might be needed in this election, don’t ya think?

Yet still, leading conservatives give aid and comfort to the Marxo-Jihado-anti-American establishment.

Washington conservatives have somehow lost their bearings. What’s the matter with them? I can only imagine that DC conservatives have a sort of Stockholm Syndrome of loving the aggressor, just as today’s Swedes seem to identify with Jihadist thugs and Angela Merkel seems to have a sort of Liebestodt swoon, surrendering to the rapefugees from Turkey. It looks pretty sick from the outside, and I don’t want to believe it.

Tell us it ain’t so!

I'm not smart enough to write this, but I can copy and paste.
90% of life is "showing up"
03-25-2016 04:15 AM  3 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Flat Land's

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Ya Done GOOD Enuuf !

To READ IT - Grasp IT - make the Link with your Lexicon and your vocabulary - Some where you dun been educated in breathing the black words on white paper !

I Think so their for I AM >>> P.s Good STUDY { Know the I- AM's }

Cannot be read with mind filled full of Chaos and scatter

Do NOT Lose HEART : They are Rising from the Chaos !!

Do NOT let them Bury or subjugate free speech - TRUTH

If they wish to segregate them self LET -THEM

Some go up the ladder and some go down :
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