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Canton, Ohio

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I seen this on Allen West's web sight. Hard to believe but if true, will I soon see monkeys flying out of peoples butt?
Flint has voted for Dems for 84 straight yrs. What did it get us? For 18 months Dems remained silent &ignored pleas while Flint was poisoned
— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) March 6, 2016
By the way> Allen West as VP on Trump Ticket. That will get the lefty commies blood boiling.

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rrElite Veteran

Lewisville, TX

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No, Mr Moore(on) is still clearly a twit . . .

Friends don't let friends become electrotarded . . . .

03-12-2016 04:48 AM  28 months agoPost 3

rrElite Veteran

Flat Land's

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Actually the Flint / Detroit water crisis is one of those things the Democrats and the Media will Not absolutely touch. Makes you wonder if the Media " FCC " is under some form of mandate or directive. Neither Bernie or Hillary will touch it.

That mess actually started in the year 2013 /2014 under Democratic Control of Both Cities and Funded by Fed TAX Dollars.

Maybe a few remember 2 yr's ago when Flint almost lost their Head pressure in their Water Tower's ?? It was during the cross over from supply.

Or when United Nation's sent representatives in front of the Detroit City Council telling them to relinquish or void the Detroit Public Citizen of their water bill's ??

What was Detroit doing to the Citizens of FLINT ??

Now the NEW Governor is obtaining Federal Funding ( Again } to assist the citizens in New Plumbing. Handed a MESS !!! A 2 X Job Cost overhaul
again -- on the backs of the TAXPAYER.

Now the Excuses and LIE's - a COVER UP. They pooched the cross over procedure. Stirred up a BUNCH of what is known as particulate affluent or high solids.

Water Quality Science is a Science : Just like boiler water quality. Must of been those never trained - but by the computer screen.

Then the Neubies SKATE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

See a LOT of IT in processing plant's. Screen Operators

Then sit and watch the screens while the plant kneecaps itself. Punching button's.

I Stay at a LOT of Holiday Inn's


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HomeOff Topics News & Politics › Someone must have hacked Michael Moore's twitter account.
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