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I gotta say, kudos to everyone that have been flying quads responsibly before they became known as "DRONES" to the public that aren't involved in our hobby, things are getting horrible, some kid was flying a quad in my hometown the other day and it was an RTF version, I wont bash the manufacturer, but anyway he was in town and smashed the power lines and knocked out a whole neiborhood, these isolated incidents are making our hobby harder to function and giving these kids with little are no flight experience to get these aircrafts in the air and do damage like this and leads to things that will get way worse, I guess you can say where were the parents? or who cares? or same old story....I never posts these types of things, but it just pissed me off that some guys at work were laughing about a hobby that I love and take seriously for it to be eventually ruined by irresponsibility, idk just felt like venting on this issue....HAPPY FLYING !!

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rrKey Veteran

Southbridge, MA

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I live about 1 mile as the crow flies from my local airport. I fly on my own property and rarely fly higher than twice the height of my two story house. This keeps me well below the flight path of arriving and departing aircraft. There is no commercial service at this field, just private prop driven aircraft. Lately, someone has been flying a very large quad high enough that they are definitely an issue. One day last week, I had a LEO stop and ask if it was me. While we were talking in my side yard,here goes that darn quad high overhead. So now the LEO has confirmation that it isn't me. He asked how to find the operator and I asked if they had access to a heli to follow it. He said no, but then he asked if I could put mine up to try to follow it. I declined, as even though my Chroma is FPV capable, I still keep it LOS.

I've been flying here on my property for 16 years. My neighbors and LEO'S know I'm here and have had no issues. But now some jerk continually over flies the area in an irrisponsible manner and I'm the first person they come to see.

I agree, the idiots are going to make this hobby a mess for those of us that fly in a responsible manner.

Gerry Cullan,
Gaui 200, 255; T-Rex 250, 450 SE & SA, Mini-Titan, Blade 450

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Down south

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Going to make the hobby a mess??? That's already been established.

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rrElite Veteran


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Go boys scout on em
All it takes is two or three people working together with compasses. Note location and draw bearing line on map for two or three people. That should narrow it down a bit. Take photo of aircraft then ask some neighbors in that area.

Every time it is flown... It can be caught.

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he was in town and smashed the power lines and knocked out a whole neiborhood
in my post that I posted way back (about some kid flying down the sidewalk just 2ft under the power lines) I said sooner or later some one will cut a power line some day, well some one replied and jumped on me saying that will never happen because these quads don't have the power to cut power lines

well well well, hee hee hee, now it has happened, you were wrong and I was right and you learned something,, and,,, I told you so
I guess you can say where were the parents?
when I saw that kid flying, his father was standing right beside the boy, when the kid lifted off the father turned and walked away

things are going to get tight in this hobby, know it now and be ready <<< I said that too

Buzz Buzz Buzz

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