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02-21-2016 05:00 AM  4 years ago
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texas - USA

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Why are we still in NATO?
And why do we continue to send troops to Europe?

The US is sending enough supplies to the caves of Norway for 15,000 marines.
U.S. stationing tanks and artillery in classified Norwegian caves

The secured cave complex is a modern and robust facility, staffed by about 100 Norwegian and U.S. personnel, and it contains enough equipment to support 15,000 Marines, according to Nordenman. The equipment in the caves has been used to support operations in Iraq.

Conley said the new military exercises were critical to ensuring that NATO could test its equipment and personnel in cold weather environments. Russia's Northern Fleet conducted unannounced military drills in March involving 38,000 troops.

The announcement comes just days after the Department of Defense announced it was spending $3.4 billion for the European Reassurance Initiative in an effort to deter Russian aggression against NATO allies.
We are maintaining armed forces in Europe for what?

Europe has formed the EU and should be able to function together as a military unit just as well as they operate in civil matters.

They are encouraging as many immigrants as they can in most of the countries. They should be able to build armies easily.

We need out of there.
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02-21-2016 06:38 PM  4 years ago

rrKey Veteran

winnetka california

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Your pentagon have a MSG) for Putin, they just not topping us off on the real motivation.
Of all this military staging..

"Lav-Rov) talking about putting Nuke in space claimed he want to kill space Rock, since all space junk pois to hit Russia.

John Kerry) warn no Nuke in space for NASA) have a better plan.

"Lav-Rov F-that Russia defense is upto Russia.
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02-21-2016 07:09 PM  4 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Flat Land's

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We are in NATO - Because the Citizens TAX DOllar

of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA finances 70% of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization { Their Problem's are OUR Problem's }


The 30% Balance ???? : "They" are Supposed too - THE European Union : 23 or 24 OTHER Nation's = The European Union are too share the cost among themselves = THEY DON't

FOR GET IT - Dumb Infidel's America

THEY DON"T they are BROKE. do to { SOCIALISM of the Indigenous population}

Then their is the United Federation and Confederation of Thieves and Beggars >>>located in New York CITY - They don't even pay their parking tickets ! Diplomatic Immunity

ALL with their hand's out or in YOUR { WE } Pocket's.
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Home🌌Off TopicsOff Topics News & Politics › Why are we still in NATO?
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