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02-22-2016 11:48 AM  34 months agoPost 21


San Antonio, Texas

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The problem with our Leaders is WHO they surround themselves with. Just as in the military, a Commander is responsible for every call he makes...however, he makes that call on the advice of his 'inner circle'.

I am sure Jeb was being led on...but that is no excuse. He puts on big boy pants, so he should have known. He thought his 'amnesty' crap would pass with today's PC crowd. WRONG.

Carson, I like you, but time to go.

I know people are enthralled by the Dump, I mean Trump. I can already feel a good guttural purge coming up after I vote.

02-22-2016 12:48 PM  34 months agoPost 22
Dennis (RIP)



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Actually I believe the problem with our political leadership is two fold.

1) Most have been in office way to long.

2) Most are being paid millions upon millions by lobbyists and those expecting favors once in office.

Make no mistake about it folks, the ones that pay the highest fees in campaign donations are those ones that get the most attention from politicians because those are the ones the keep politicians at their jobs the longest. It does not matter what is good for America or Americans at all.

Those facts should be obvious to anyone who is a responsible voter.

Liberty once lost, is lost forever.

02-22-2016 03:43 PM  34 months agoPost 23

rrElite Veteran

Flat Land's

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What about those in the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch and $$ :
The Sub Department >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Then lack of Moral Individual Judgement and activity based upon the OATHS' they took ALLEGIANCE too the Nation : THE USA in the Legislative Branch

Examine 7 year's of those individuals : ALL 3 Branches

That have Financial access ties or even direct Family linage to other Countries. Head spinning stuff.

Very few citizen's have been paying attention to all the various sub - departments with in Each of the Branch's and the massive exit or continual musical seat's and change outs : 7 YEars worth -

re : THE NATION WIDE MANDATES LIKE the FAA or FCC {still hidden}

The Smidgens and endless buried scandal's people have forgotten.

DJT has gotvery good research groups and hard core Constitutional scholars > Similar to a combined University Level for research : Organized yet conected
Operations much like a General Contractor with project management and Job Scopes in various Dept's . Large Brain Trust

Look at the Forest and Not each Tree


03-16-2016 07:55 PM  33 months agoPost 24
spaceman spiff

rrKey Veteran


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Rubio dropped out.

and then there were 2, and 1/4.

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HomeOff Topics News & Politics › Jeb Bush drops out.
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