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I am enjoying the Brain flybarless unit very much. I'd like to share some settings I've dialed in for my Protos Max v2, and it'd be cool to
hear of your settings on the Brain that helped you optimize flight characteristics and performance.

Note: Read the text in the Brain software (PC or smart phone) to learn what each setting does.

1) Cyclic Expo (Advanced Menu):
___a) Exponential (aka: Expo) for Aileron, Elevator, Tail, and Pitch (collective pitch) helps to lessen sensitivity around mid stick (the middle of the transmitter stick). Use negative numerical values. I found the heli to feel more natural to deaden center stick a little bit for smoother landings and smoother corrections in flight during maneuvers. If the heli feels a bit too "alive" with tiny stick inputs, or if the heli shows every small correction you make when trying to fly smooth, negative values are what should be used.

2) Cyclic Aileron and Elevator (Advanced Menu):
___a) I've found the integral gain (aka: "i" gain) to be crucial in having the heli track really well and feel locked in right where I expect it.

___b) The Tail Drag Comp compensates for (you guessed it) drag from air hitting the tail, and/or some other tendencies. Once your CG is perfected, and if you still have a short wobble on the boom during sudden stops on the rainbow maneuver, try using a negative numerical value. You can experiment on the workbench to see what the swash does. It is likely you will want a negative number.

3) Tail (Advanced Menu):
___a) Integral gain really tries hard to keep the tail at the setpoint (where it is supposed to be); known as holding power. I found this to improve pirouetting rate consistency, and gave my tail a "solid" feeling. It just feels right. I'm pretty darn picky when it comes to tail performance, and I notice too much when there are little nuances that I do not expect.

___b) Pitch Precomp assists the tail after the gains are setup. If there is still a bit of a counter clockwise tail kick, a positive numerical value dials it out.

Here are my numbers for my Protos Max v2, Cyclone 715mm main blades, Cyclone 115mm tail blades, and about 2000RPM.

Aileron Exponential: -30 (negative number)
Elevator Exponential: -30 (negative number)
Tail Exponential: -30 (negative number)
Pitch Exponential: -30 (negative number)

Aileron I gain: 90
Aileron P gain: 30
Elevator I gain: 90
Elevator P gain: 56
Agility: 95
Tail Drag Comp: -15 (negative number)

Tail I gain: 45
Tail P gain: 30
Pitch Precomp: 20

Note: These may not be magic numbers that work for you. I am just happy to share what has been working thus far for me. It feels great being smooth, agile, and precise all together!!

_Sam B_

 1 page 987 views POST REPLY
HomeRC & PowerAircraftHelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsBrain iKon › Brain Favorite Settings for Tuning
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