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01-27-2016 03:35 PM  3 years ago
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18SZ Mixing Issue
Hi all,

I got my 18SZ after much internal fighting...

First impression are good. You can see what you paid for, and the addition of the new color screen makes programming intuitive and much easier.

Being able to change between ratchet and smooth throttle is a big plus. I've always dreamed of a radio that can make such change just by model selection, without having to do any mechanical adjustment. Nevertheless, what it comes is a great start.

Now for my first programming issue which I'm sure is due to my limited knowledge of advanced tricks and those things that aren't explained that well in the manual which just some have being enable to master.

I want to have a mix between flaps and elevator for attitude correction. Using the camber/flap - elev mix did the trick. But I've slowed the flap servos speed to make them more real looking. I'm using a three position switch to control the flaps.

When I activate the camber/flap -elev mix, I do obtain the mix but the elevator servo reacts instantly to the switch position with no delay. I can't see any way to correct this in this particular mix so I went and decided to program a mix using a program mix.

I setup the program mix. I selected the flap channel as master and elevator as the slave. After activating the mix, I was surprised I got the same instant response at the elevator servo when using the camber/flap mix.

The program mix does have a servo speed setting which I set to the maximum values, but it still faster than the flaps speed.

It seems the radio is mixing based on the master channel control rather than its output, which is what I expected.

Your help will be appreciated to get the proper response I would like.

01-27-2016 07:39 PM  3 years ago
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HomeRC & Power✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterRadio - Futaba FASST › 18SZ Mixing Issue
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