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01-25-2016 05:35 PM  4 years ago
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Kemah, TX

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OK Guy's and Gal's,

Here's one for the masses.

I had quite a few sets of blades both V-blades and Radix blades that went under water during Hurricane Ike in 2008. I kept the blades and wrote them off as non-usable. They only stayed under water for a few minutes because where I had them sitting initially went under water then it floated. The blades feel structurally fine, no soft spots in the carbon, no discoloration and when I weighed them each pair if they weren't matched in weight were within .5 grams of one another.

Here is my question?

Do you think these blades are OK to use. They are all 600's, 690's and 710's both Radix, V-blade and V-blade TST's.

Also does ANYONE have a chart with a weight range for each model of V-blade and Radix's I can't find one anywhere.

Thanks in advance,
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01-25-2016 06:12 PM  4 years ago



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I can't imagine why that would be a problem as long as they've dried out since the flood.~Drew
01-25-2016 06:13 PM  4 years ago

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Killeen, Texas - USA

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thats a tricky one to I guess you have to look at what causes water damage and to what materials are affected by water.

most carbon fiber blades are made of epoxy resin and woven carbon fiber, with the core made of low density foam and maybe a safety wire. These items are not directly effected by water and the blades being sealed essentially by plastic should have made them water proof.

I would weigh them, check for balance and try them.

if these were wooden blades that were not sealed by a coating then the answer would be trash them...
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterBlades and Night Flying › BLADE INFO NEEDED!!!!!!
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