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01-23-2016 04:42 PM  33 months agoPost 21


Newnan GA

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The FAA will never diminish my passion for this hobby. That being said, I am angry that they circumvented Congressional intention in 336. The FAA knew full well what Congress wanted, but they weaseled around the wording anyway. I'm hopeful Congress will rewrite 336 and slap the FAA down.

Team Synergy/ Rail Blades

01-23-2016 04:49 PM  33 months agoPost 22
Ace Dude



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@Dr.Ben - Congratulations on getting your ticket!

On the bright side the ham callsign format is short and simple making it easy to remember. Not so sure about the format the FAA is using.


01-23-2016 05:02 PM  33 months agoPost 23

rrKey Veteran

Indianapolis, IN USA

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Totally hate it. A hand full of bad apples and an entire group is labeled as irresponsible. Just another Government tentacle making its way into EVERYTHING we do. Just not a fan of Government meddling in EVERYTHING.

I havent registered yet (mainly because I am "grounded" until Spring - wont fly in the cold 'cause I am too much of a warm weather wussy!). Havent officially decided if I am going to register. I may not register until I am forced to by club or event requirements.


01-23-2016 05:22 PM  33 months agoPost 24
don s

rrElite Veteran

Chesapeake, VA

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It all depends on where you fly. The door has also been opened for harassment by law enforcement.

I personally am not worried.

E820, Raptor G4N, X50F/E, E620, Forza 450, and some planks.

01-23-2016 07:13 PM  33 months agoPost 25


chicago IL

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Most know that I will not be registering, we are all free(a little less every day) moral agents. We dictate our own lives(a little less every day) by our actions(good or bad). When we give the government more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more control of our lives we loss ourselves to the government. Most from what I read in the posts is its not that bad its so easy. Its SO NOT "that easy".

Every time we follow the government and it agents by a simple act an of compliance (no matter how foolish the request is) we give a little more of our ability to live free and happy. By allowing fear tactics via financial and or prison time is giving them "OUR" human rights/power of people. So even tho I REFUSE to comply with the FALSE FLAG "in the name of safety", I am affected by the peoples decisions to comply. So I AM NOT HAPPY.

It hurts us all... The faa and all government agents is given power by the peoples compliance for what ever reason. Laws are "Laws" and enforceable by understood compliance by the masses. We as a people need to STAND UP and say NO NO NO before its to late. I am sad tho I VERY doubt this will happen soon. When it does I fear it may be to late, “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” STOP beening afraid.

It sickens me and concerns me for me and my children's future.


01-23-2016 08:23 PM  33 months agoPost 26

rrElite Veteran

Rockford, Illinois

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I agree with everyone that is in hate of this new regulation. I did register to avoid conflict down the road; comply with the law, though not very happy about it!

Just like a lot of things; you need insurance to drive a car, however, there are countless people without insurance driving everyday. Same goes for gun owner, but the criminals don't follow the rules for that either.

"WE" are the ones that "pay" for those that have basically no brains, no common sense, nor care for anyone other than themselves?

I wonder what is going to happen to them once "they" start getting caught.

Or the better question, what would "we" do if we caught some unregistered quad operator flying illegally? Beat the crap out of them for causing this FAA fiasco? As a way of getting back at the multitude for causing all of this?

I often wonder what the FAA would do if it became mandatory for everyone in the USA 13 years and older had to register whether or not owning a drone??? Kind of like the draft...

So to answer your question...yes, I am upset about all of this, and now calling my helis a drone. However, I'm not going to quit flying because of it!

Thanks for asking...

Team Miniature Aircraft
"I love the smell of Nitro in the morning!"
...Citizen 654!

01-23-2016 09:35 PM  33 months agoPost 27


Monson Ma. USA

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I know that there have been (close calls at airports) so we all have to register, just like guns. How come when people buy lasers they don't have to register them. I think they have caused more problems than model aircraft. I saw on TV that they were used on police helicopters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do we need another law???????
And how much would we charge to register them and who would get the money.
There is no limit to Stupid. Go after the BAD GUY!!

01-23-2016 10:47 PM  33 months agoPost 28



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That, and I'm sick and tired of the drama.
Me too, and I came out the gate like a bronco with too tight a strap around my testicles. But now I'm spent. How anyone still has the energy to fight is beyond me. I can't blame them for feeling bad, though.

I guess maybe I'm a firecracker and some are more of a slow cooker. I spent all the emotional energy I could and have nothing left. Now I'm in full on acceptance mode. Especially after I clicked ACCEPT on the FAA site and my world didn't end, or even change. I can still go fly and that's all I need.

What it DID change is I now have a permanent interest in maintaining awareness of government affairs over this hobby and other things. Before I was laid back and just let AMA handle things. Well, not again.

That will hopefully prevent the frog boiling in water effect some are rightfully talking about in here.

01-24-2016 12:38 AM  33 months agoPost 29


NW Fla....

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I registered due to being a certificated AMT and Pilot...NOT by my own free will by any stretch of the imagination. I feel that my livelihood would/could be in jeopardy if I didn't comply with this illegal move by the FAA, Section 336 clearly says keep your hands OFF of model aviation but for whatever reason the FAA put on their goose stepper boots and twisted our arms to register ourselves .... I will not let this foolhardy overreach of "power" kill my love for model aviation...I have loved flying machines for most of my 58 years on this earth !! I'm in complete alignment with Elmobad and Aaron29 ....just say'n

Good Day

I dream of a better world, A world where a chicken's crossing a road IS NOT questioned

01-24-2016 01:38 AM  33 months agoPost 30

rrKey Veteran

Sedalia, Mo USA

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But this seems to have taken an enjoyable hobby and categorized it.
But not ruined or killed it..........YET. I do agree that there is definitely a new sharp feel of awareness now, that was not there before.
Going from a basically innocent pastime, to being a potential outlaw this
time next month, for doing the same thing we have been doing for decades!

As much as this reg. thing is a totally unnecessary nuisance, I really think, come flying season, it will pretty much be 'business' as usual for
most, (again, unsure about the DC area clubs), we will be back at flying
regularly and not hardly even thinking about all this crap.

I also do not understand wanting to quit the hobby over this; FAA may send
something else down the pike that MAY have many of us thinking that, but
this should not be it. I just got back home from a little 'frozen finger'
fly session,enjoyed the heck out of it..........and didn't think about reg.
stuff once

And oh yeah, not registered here yet; passed the 'free' period, certainly in no hurry now, maybe by deadline next month....simply not worrying about
it anymore. Like Aaron said, I am about 'spent' on all this, and obviously
out of our control anyway.

01-24-2016 01:50 AM  33 months agoPost 31
Stephen Born

rrElite Veteran


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PM  EMAIL  Attn:RR  Quote
01-24-2016 04:02 AM  33 months agoPost 32



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There is almost a month left, I will not register until 11:59pm on February 19th. And how do you think the FAA is going to enforce their guidance, this is not law. I will laugh the first time they take someone to court to enforce guidance. What a bunch of idiots. Or is this a penalty and not a tax? Oh, and you can keep your doctor too.

01-24-2016 04:36 AM  33 months agoPost 33

rrElite Veteran

Killeen, Texas - USA

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I said I wouldnt.. and looked at my helis... I only have 3 now, two of which I have put alot of custom machining work into...

and I just cant part with all the work I have done and the feeling I get when a flying during perfect weather day... then realized during testing in my drive way that I live right across the chief of police...

It just reminds me of the whole "hunter education course" I had to pay for me and my son to take so many years ago out of fear that each of us could be fined for not having it when hunting... been inspected by game wardens like 4 times in the last 10 years...and how many times have they asked for the hunter education certificate...ZERO... half the time they didnt even ask to actually see our hunting licences...

this reminds me of just that when flying a heli or plank....

the drone guys will likely be left alone too until they get busted doing something stupid... just another move by the gov to get ahold of money.

showing a preference will only get you into trouble, 90% of everything is crap...

01-24-2016 05:56 AM  33 months agoPost 34


San Diego, CA

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My feeling is that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about....
My feeling is that if i don't register, they wont care, they wont know, they wont get my five bucks...

Its all earth!

01-24-2016 07:07 AM  33 months agoPost 35


Sonora,Ca - US

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I'll just repeat what I posted in another thread about a week ago.....

Well I just registered. My only hope is that someone pays attention to the password I created. In it I suggested they do something to themselves that as far as I know is anatomically impossible. Small and childish I know but we take our licks where we can.

Hello, my name is Tony and I'm a heli addict...

01-24-2016 01:01 PM  33 months agoPost 36


Brewerton, New York

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Well I just registered. My only hope is that someone pays attention to the password I created. In it I suggested they do something to themselves that as far as I know is anatomically impossible. Small and childish I know but we take our licks where we can.
^^^^^Thats funny, I did the same thing!^^^^^^

Bill Whittaker

01-24-2016 02:19 PM  33 months agoPost 37



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He he. My password was also foul expression of my opinion abouts the FAA's new rules. Only hope my 5 yr old doesn't find my password list.

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