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01-09-2016 12:05 AM  4 years ago
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V-bar neo and futaba 14SG

Help needed while setting up new V-bar neo

On the program page for the receiver the vstabi sight gives example setting for the futaba tx pc channels,

collective - 6 motor - 3
aileron - 1 bankswitch - 5
elevator - 2 rescue - 7
tail - 4 throttle cut - 8
aux1 - 8
aux2 - 10

but during setup on my program its not the same,
I have,

collective - 6 motor - 3
aileron - 1 bankswitch - 5
elevator - 2
tail - 4
aux2 - 9
aux3 - 10

Now I dont have the pro software with the rescue option (yet) so I guess thats why i'm not seeing the rescue option there. but should the throttle cut option not be there?

and the biggest problem thats confusing me is why are the aux 1 and the aux 2 showing up on my program as aux 2 and aux 3?
What should I do here when I want to set it the same as the example? It seems like I can only change the channels and not the Aux numbers?

Where am I going wrong?

Also I wanted to ask if this is the correct way to go about setting the neo up? Any advise here would be good, not only to get it right but to also help me understand what i'm doing!!

I also have a couple more questions...

Throttle servo adjustment, when on this part of the setup is there anything I need to do when running electric ESC, when I move the stick it highlights -100% - motor off and 100% max throttle.

What should I set for the 3 different bankswitch settings?

Another thing thats confusing me is the motor off / idle / run switch, can someone please explain this, what i'm finding is the motor runs once switched to run, does not run at stop and does not run when switched up to idle from stop. once switched up to run and you switch down to idle it continues to run, then switches off when switched down to stop.
Is this right and can someone please explain whats right for these settings and what i'm looking for.

I'm running a yge 60 esc with gov settings on. this working really well in the model when it had a mini vbar fitted. I'm not sure what I should be doing to set the throttle percentages when its in the gov screen setting page and you switch between bankswitch settings, can someone please explain what I should be looking for here and what I need to set.

Another confusing thing is going on with my 14sg.I have the settings as above on the receiver setting page, though I don't feel its right due to the vstabi example being different. But with these settings set at the moment I have noticed that the throttle curves in the tx have disappeared altogether, I am guessing you still need the idle up flight modes set for pitch adjustment, but why have the throttle curves just disappeared? Can someone explain this to me please? Also the other thing I have noticed in the TX is on the gyro gain setting screen. The rudder channel has disappeared, its only showing 2 and 3. Whats the reason behind this?

I have found very little information and advise on this so could do with what ever help I can get. I had no idea when I fitted it that it would be so different to the mini vbar...

Many thanks and kind regards,

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01-15-2016 07:55 PM  4 years ago


Alabaster, Alabama - US

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I may be too late, but here it goes.

Follow all screen settings on this vstabi site:

Make sure you select "Create new Version 6 setup" on the Start tab your first time doing the setup. Several people have reported servos not working if you miss this step.

Mine is like yours not the vstabi site, so aux2 - 9 and aux3 - 10 are correct. Aux 1 is where your SBUS plugs in.

Throttle cut is for nitro and you wont see it in express.

If I remember correctly, you train the YGE endpoints so the throttle servo adjustment should just stay at -100% and 100%.

The three bank settings will need a throttle out percentage based on your gear ration and desired head speed. You will need to use something like Mr Mel's calculator.

There are no more throttle curves. Your motor off/idle/on behavior is correct. The idle engages only after start and is for fast spool up during auto rotation bailout.

Rudder gain is no longer adjustable from the 14sg and you will need to set the gyro gain under the vstabi "Tail rotor" section.

Hope this helps..
Synergy 516
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