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01-05-2016 01:58 PM  4 years ago
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Southbridge, MA

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Winter Projects?
Dang, it's finally gotten cold and windy here in New England. While flying will continue as the weather allows, it is time to hibernate indoors and get those winter projects out of the way.

So what are your planned winter heli projects? To start the ball rolling:

1. Convert Blade 450 3D (FB) to the 450 X (FBL) configuration.

2. Convert Blade 500 3D (FB) to the 500 X (FBL) configuration.

3. Convert a first generation Align 500 (still with the FB!) to DCF FBL configuration.

These three projects will convert all my helis (21!) to FBL status with the exception of my one remaining flyable Gaui 200 and Gaui 255. All three will receive AR7200BX receiver/gyro controller units.

Complete a sport scale build to replace my 450 sized Agusta 109A that decided to turn into a lawn dart earlier this year. Failure of a cyclic servo was the cause of this crash. I have a duplicate Agusta 109A fuselage as well as a couple of other 450 sized fuselages. Now the tough decision as to which fuselage will be used. The mechanics will be my well flown first generation Align 450 Sport that was converted to DCF configuration ages ago.
Gerry Cullan,
Gaui 200, 255; T-Rex 250, 450 SE & SA, Mini-Titan, Blade 450
01-05-2016 02:18 PM  4 years ago


Sherwood, Arkansas

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Where to start???
I am starting a biild on a 1/4 scale Jet Ranger..
Repairing my H-34 after a mishap in Atlanta when a bolt that missed it's mark and showed me why I have to put a bolt to secure the tail rotor
Get my racing quad up and running again so I can get into the fpv part of flying!!
Electric conversion on my Hirobo Cobra and a new paint scheme...
Convert 2 800 size scale machines from DSMX to the new JR DMSS..
Most important is to get a machine ready to fly at Top Gun at the end of April...
OK, some of this is going to flow over into possibly next winter too!!
I have to stop typing and get to work!!!

AMA 2918-Team Spin Blades,,Castle Creations, Unique Aircraft
01-05-2016 04:12 PM  4 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Indianapolis, IN USA

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Send my OS 55HZ-R in to get the Magnum Center Glide Bushing installed.

Continue to work on Airwolf and get her ready for painting in the Spring.

Add a few small enhancements to the Roban Cobra to make it ready for Top Gun.

Stress out over Top Gun.

Sim time, sim time and more sim time.
01-05-2016 04:16 PM  4 years ago


Brewerton, New York

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My biggest winter project is to keep my driveway clear so I can go fly!
And getting a Goblin 380 ready for FPV!
And learning about mono coat. Did you know there was a covering to peel off! I didn't! Watched a couple of you tube videos and never saw anyone peel off the back! Well it wont stick if you don't....LOL
And your never too old to learn!
Bill Whittaker
01-05-2016 06:01 PM  4 years ago



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My winter project is an 8 year old Indy Apache I picked up from a fellow club member, it has never flown.
Lots of hanger rash from being moved around but getting it cleaned up.
Its my first big electric machine.
Only thing I'm missing is new glass for the canopy, I have the original glass but its got a lot of glue smeared on it and would love to find replacements.
She'll be ready for spring test flights.

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