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12-05-2015 03:55 PM  35 months agoPost 1


Austin,TX South Buda

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Been flying this model alot. Main gear is hairn bone style. To my knowledge the only nitro with it. Draw back is no adjustment. Its a little loose on the mesh. But with that said i have have zero issues with slipping or stripping.

Frame is 2 piece plastic. Cheep to replace. Draw back is that takes some time to change. Time money I have time.

The plus is its light. My hyper 50 loves it. Great on fuel and only full 12+ and full cyclics will bog it. Very good model.

Dt700 regular canopt will fit by adding new front post.

O ya belted tail works perfect.

Just wanted to update all you guys.

12-05-2015 03:57 PM  35 months agoPost 2


Austin,TX South Buda

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12-28-2015 05:27 PM  35 months agoPost 3

rrKey Veteran

Durham, NC

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Long term results?
As a long time owner, can you fill us in on some info?
As the heli market is shrinking and the 50 nitro market is shrinking even more, this heli has a potential to last a bit longer due to its single distribution point (a plus and minus)

I'd be interested in maintenance items or issues, crash reports, durability assessment, etc.

I'd see the strengths and weaknesses as follows:

Plastic strong
Belt tail is easy to maintain and repair
Dedicated single distributor

Expensive for a plastic heli (should be near the $250 mark, not $350)
Parts from single source
Little pilot feedback due to small numbers flying

Your help and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Chris Silvoy

03-21-2016 09:27 AM  32 months agoPost 4


Austin,TX South Buda

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Sorry missed you post.

So far I had to replace the tail slider. It was starting to get notchy.

Had to open up the side of the frame on the tail bellcrank push rod. Other than that I'm flying the piss out of it.

Plan ATT is to keep flying till I can not get parts. That may be a long time considering not many of us buying them up.

I will keep my eye open for another 600n to replace it with when parts become a issue. But for right now that's not the case.

Main gear to pinion is not as tieght as normal hearing bone gears. But I have yet to slip/strip it out.

10-17-2016 07:34 PM  25 months agoPost 5


Muncie, IN - USA

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I think I now own this actual model in this thread. It has an OS 55 HZ with a Hatori SAB-50 Bobby Watts Special pipe on it. With as light weight as this model is, the OS 55 is a powerhouse!

I have found that there are three different versions of the tail case on this model. I currently have it set up as a night rig, but I am thinking of purchasing another kit to run during the day.

It's a great flying machine, but a bit of a pain to work on if you have to split the frames (Tons of screws!)

I like how you can set the model up as push-pull bellcranks or direct to swash. Very versatile.

It's a shame that DT decided to quit making helicopters. I would liked to have seen an updated version of this machine.

For anyone interested:

Since parts are getting harder to obtain for these, I do know for a fact that the Align 600N clutch will fit with minor modifications.

In fact, I have used the Align Clutch, fan hub, and fan in this model. The only modification needed is to slot the engine mount bolt holes a little bit towards the bottom of the frame to allow for the extra 1.5mm of height on the fan hub. Otherwise the parts are a direct fit.

I am still using the stock clutch bell and pinion.

Synergy N7 tail control rods will also work on this model but you do need to trim the CF rod down a little for proper geometry.

The DT 700 canopies (Both V1 and V2) will fit this model with minor modification to the canopy post locations, as well as the DT 600 canopies, though they are a bit tight fitting.

Team Compass USA, KBDD Team Pilot

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HomeAircraftHelicopterFuel-Helicopters New or Limited ActivityDT › VX50N main gear.
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