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Hi I would like to get back into flying Helicopters again. I've been away from the hobby for a few years, so much has changed. I would appreciate some advice regarding equipment etc.

I have an old Raptor 50 V2 which needs repairing from a boom strike. I have got the repair kit. My Son and I have a Futaba FF9 radio.

Just wondering is it worth repairing the Raptor? If I repair the Raptor will it be difficult and expensive to obtain spare parts in the future? At this stage would it be better to invest in a new electric Heli kit. Would a electric heli be more advanced than the Raptor 50V2 for 3D flying?

Please give me some opinions on a electric heli kit, radio, servos and a flight Simulator which would bring me up to date for 3D flying 3D ?

Which electric Helis give the best bang for your buck i.e like the Raptor 50V2 ?

Thanks in advance, much appreciated.


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Nazareth, PA

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Trex 550 is way more advanced for 3D. I recommend it for all around bang for the money. Buy a new heli and be done with it, would be my advise. It will fly a lot better. There is a learning curve with how to set up electronics but that is what RR is for. Good luck.

I have a 3D heli, I don't understand why it doesn't do 3D

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La Vista, NE.

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IMO - repair the Raptor! It's a cheap fix from a boom strike. Don't spend money on upgrading anything on it - replace the battery pack with a new one, replace the bearing in the engine and replace all the fuel tubing, especially inside the tank then fly it! maybe replace the head dampers they are the black ones - get blue or even red dampers and lube them. No need for new equipment.

If you like it and fly it a lot then start shopping for another heli. There are so many choices out now. Be prepared, you'll end up learning about flybarless/3axis gyro's and the newer radios.

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banshee rider


Phoenix AZ.

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If you already have the parts

Why not fix it ?

If you don't have all the parts that's different

parts for the old glow raptors are hard to come by

No it will not fly like a new electric FBL 3 axis gyro'd heli

Not even close !

But by repairing it and flying it at your local club
It will give you time to figure out what type of the new heli's
your interested in and what will work best for you

Whether its glow,gas or electric

They have all come a long ways

ageing is manditory maturity is optional

11-23-2015 04:19 AM  32 months agoPost 5
keiser BLADE



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I would repair the ol raptor 50, I have one that's converted to fbl and it flies wonderful, now getting more parts for it after a crash may be tough but if it gets totaled I have more then got my smiles and money out of it.
I recommend u just fix it up and fly it till it wolnt fly any more, and about it not flying as well is not true it flies as good as my trex 700 and my velocity 50, the fbl is worth the money and a pretty cheap upgrade.


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