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12-07-2015 05:56 AM  35 months agoPost 21

rrKey Veteran

South Korea

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I started flying helis in 2002. My first heli was a Kyosho Nexus30 combo kit with a OS. 32SX, wood blades, cheap 3001 servos, a pizo gyro, and a Futaba 6VH. Plastic frames, plastic grips, and a clutch liner was optional/upgrade equipment. I don't know how many clutch shoes I broke before I finally gave in a bought a liner. $750 from my LHS and it was a big deal because I had to save for 6 months to buy it. I used to get frustrated that it would constantly break but now I appreciate it because it taught me how helis work and about quality of work, persistence, and patience.

Every little accomplishment was a big deal and gave me a sense of satisfaction you just can't get from flying a RTF quad or a Wal-Mart special. I miss the old days when everything was new and exciting. I could sit and watch heli vids all day in amazement and sit on RF 3.5 all weekend trying to learn piro flips. I remember my first inverted flip and how much I was shaking. And my first 700 class heli and how intimidated I was by it. Then how astonished I was when I flew it the first smooth (even with the paddles on backwards). Those feelings are what pushed me through and that's something you can never get from an RTF or especially a drone.

Things have changed a lot since I jumped in; some good, some bad. But like what's already been stated, I think things will come back full circle. All it will take is the next big advancement and we'll all be climbing all over each other to get it and forums like this one will light up again. I do miss the days when Align seemed to have something new every five minutes. And all the debates over quality they stirred. I miss coming here all kinds of new topics all the time. I do think kit builds will sadly become a thing of the past.


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Leeds, England

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When I had to leave the hobby in 2007 there was such a sence of trying to achieve technical perfection, with regards to technical setup and flying ability. This notion seems to have vapourised now
+1. See the Flybarred heli section I requested recently!

60% of the time, it works every time!

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Funny, I'm still flying primarily the Raptors I've had since the 1990's. I have a number of others as well but all are nitro, most are flybarred, most powered with NiMH and a couple have digital servos. My transmitter is still a module based Futaba 10CHP. My basement, which is better stocked than most hobby stores today would be considered full of vintage stuff. Vintage?! I'm not vintage!

Yes, the hobby has changed A LOT.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › Wow, how this hobby has changed
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