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11-07-2015 05:44 AM  4 years ago
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11-07-2015 06:14 AM  4 years ago


Livermore, CA - USA

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That is an excellent domain name. Hope you can do something with it.

I have a couple RC heli sites that don't get much action but they sure are fun to build as a side hobby.
11-07-2015 07:49 PM  4 years ago

rrElite Veteran

sacramento, ca, u.s.

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what you found is a can of Picaso's paint. Doesn't mean throwing it against a wall is going to make a nice painting.

What's your budget?
What programming skills do you have?
What graphic design skills do you have?
Do you have a basic understanding of how the back end of websites work? Networking?
Have any project management experience? (with enough budget you can outsource a lot of work if you don't have the skills; but you need to be a lead contractor making sure all the pieces are coming in to place, and know whether your subs are BSing your, or are on time and budget)

People can throw ideas at you all day. But, without being able to answer the questions above you'll have no idea if you're diving in to a $100/month website, or a $100,0000 development project with $30,000 of monthly fees.

I can't count how many people have come to me with "I want 'Facebook for X'"

What? Godaddy can do it for $35/month? Ya...ok. Go knock yourself out with that.
if it ain't broke, break it.
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