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11-28-2015 01:58 PM  36 months agoPost 21


East coast

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How it the fbl mounted? What tape or foam

11-28-2015 02:14 PM  36 months agoPost 22


Leeds, England

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Have you tried going lower than 1500?

Also try loosening the blades but keep the tension as equal as possible on both blades. Because there are no washers on the Aligns it makes it more difficult for the blades to find their centre from centrifugal force, this is usually why the oscillation goes away at higher rpms.

60% of the time, it works every time!

11-28-2015 03:34 PM  36 months agoPost 23

rrKey Veteran


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I guarantee after about 20 good flights the dampeners will wear in nice! There are certain RPMs that can of course cause a head bobble type tendency. I have the 800 DFC pro and can fly 1200 RPM on a 6s lipo and it is smooth as can be.

11-29-2015 01:58 AM  36 months agoPost 24



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never tried it lower then 1500 but at 1500 it was bad. I also tried both foam and now with the gel pad. No difference there. The kit came with a 440kv motor and the Castle gov doesn't like the high RPMs (I guess) with the gearing, 12/112. Id like to try it at 1950 I bet it would be real nice but as long as that nasty shake is gone I'm happy for now. Will try to get some time on it....

Gravity's a bitch ant it?

12-27-2015 06:57 AM  35 months agoPost 25



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I changed out the hard plastic DFC dampers in the head to Aligns rubber dampers:

Why Align sells a heli for F3C with those hard plastic 3D DFC dampers is beyond me.

I now hover at 1350 rpm and fly at 1850 ( F3C ) with no shakes.

I dont know if this is your problem, but it whas for me.
As a bonus the heli sits better in a hover as well with those softer dampers so win win for me.


JR Vibe Ito Edition, JR Nex E8, JR E550, TAGS01 FBL system, JR XG8 radio

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T-REX 800 › New F3C 800
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