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10-16-2015 08:05 PM  34 months agoPost 1


Hicksville L.I.

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Im trying to down load setup software from but get a 404 error?! wtf

is their site down?

who can i contact.

10-18-2015 01:39 AM  34 months agoPost 2


The Villages, Florida

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From your link, I was able to navigate here:

Been there, done that and old enough to know better.....

10-19-2015 02:44 PM  34 months agoPost 3


Hicksville L.I.

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Thanks that solved it. ( the /ikoninstaller.msi was f'ing it up )

10-20-2015 03:18 AM  34 months agoPost 4


Cedar Rapids, IA

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That whole site looks to be undergoing a slow retooling. The Download link you found wasn't there a couple of days ago.


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10-20-2015 10:15 AM  34 months agoPost 5



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If it can help, I found this post in another forum:

"Unfortunately the Ikon website offers an old software and still shows old procedures for installing the drivers completely outdated and obsolete.
If you download the software from the IKON website (1.0.010), do not install any drivers downloaded from IKON and do not follow their instructions.
Once the software is downloaded and installed, run the program that just launched controls that are updates and alerts you to upgrade.
Update the software and during the installation the new software version (1.0.016) also install the drivers on your PC.
Very easy, very fast.

The latest version of the software 1.0.016 compared to the old version still present on the Ikon website, has the following improvements:

- Port selection removed, is now automatic
- Automatic installer of USB signed drivers, launched from inside the software installer during program installation, for easier installation
- Added also the drivers for the “USB Remote” in the automatic "Driver Installer"
- Added 8 new default unit positions (Orientation panel removed from Advanced menu now useless)
- Added Hitec S.Bus receiver support
- Added a 300 size preset
- Added the default value at the end of each balloon in advanced mode where possible
- In Advanced mode, the balloon instructions are visible not only when the mouse is over the label, but also when over cursor and value
- In advanced Flight Timer doesn't count hours and display minutes greater of 60: Fixed
- After a "Load from files" some parameters change in the unit but don't refresh at video. Fixed
- Servo Buzing with max Pitch Pump. Fixed
- Very small and very slow tail drift: Fixed
- The "X" button on top right of Demo Mode and Unit Selection window, doesn't close the program: Fixed
- In advanced, Governor now all menus are open by default
- In advanced, now Tail P gain set by software is always visible and only change between disabled enabled
- For governor speed1 is now recommended a 40% flat line
- Removed the useless Aileron/Elevator ratio window
- Removed the "save setup" windows before a firmware update. It's totally useless
- When click on the Spektrum Binding checkbox, an explanation message appear
- Added warning if binding without Spektrum satellite selected
- Added selection of the type of unit to be adjusted (Std. or micro).
- The Unit type selection, now appears only if never done before. After this, if you want change unit type, has been added a specific command in File menu
- Reduced tail gain suggested in instructions of uBrain for small heli
- Reduced the default value of "tail gain by software" of uBrain for small heli
- Servo Setup is now before Rx setup in uBrain
- For uBrain added the possibility to regulate MIN & MAX of the ESC
- Corrections and fixes to instructions
- Some other bug fixes ("reverse key" is now visible when pressed, video refresh of Gov checkbox, Governor D Gain, Governor Deadzone, Receiver "Is set by software, Receiver Setup channel after a MTR load, etc.)
- Overall code optimization
- New font, graphics, icons"

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HomeAircraftHelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsBrain iKon › 404 Error ikon website
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