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Hamilton, Ohio - United States of America

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The HAWKS radio control club is located at 252 Joe Nuxhall Way, Hamilton, Ohio 45015. We are an organization of dedicated model aircraft enthusiasts. We fly all sizes and types of RC planes and helicopters. We also teach newcomers to fly! We were formed in the fall of 1977. Bob Smorey was the club founder and its first elected president in 1978. The HAWKS currently administers a field on the City of Hamilton Waste Water Treatment Department of 17 acres and shares a 200 acre grassland set aside for wildlife and bird watching. The HAWKS administers our flying site just North of Joyce Park and run our new facility (created in 2005) on Joe Nuxhall Way that boasts a 550' by 30' paved runway and taxiways.

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Down south

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Man I sure hope you all are alot freindlier than when I stopped out. I was in town last weekend for work. Thought I would go and check out the feild and club. I arrived there, there were about 7 guys there. All planks. Tried stiking up conversation more than a few times. Nothing.

Incredibly nice feild to fly at to. Its a shame though.

But thats just my opinion.

Good luck hope you find some new members.

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Santiago P


South West, Ohio

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Is been over a year since my last visit, but when visited found mostly plankers hanging out, and immediately I was suggested to fly on the other side of the park where 3D helis normally fly, where the old field used to be.

I said no thanks, I don't hover and I don't fly 3D in one spot. I need the entire field to fly my aero routine, and pointed out my heli is quicker than most planes.

You could see the sign flashing on their faces indicating this guy is trouble. I did not care.

So I lifted near the runway simulated or mimic taxing to the centerline call out loud take-off, and did my 6 min FAI routine, "full tilt boogie"

When I landed they several said smiling they never seen a chopper fly like that, let alone do high speed precision aerobatics better than an airplane.
I smiled too and said cool, now you have. They were openly friendlier after that.

I would have never attempted an in your face hard 3D routine though. I know well those do not mix with airplanes circulating around.

The place is great and wide open, and for the most part the members were friendly, cannot blame them for trying to be protective when an unknown visitor shows up.


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HomeAircraftHelicopterClubs and Associations › HAWKS - Hamilton Area Wireless Kontrol Society - RC Club AMA #788
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