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10-04-2015 02:41 PM  3 years agoPost 41


El Paso,Texas

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See, this is why I'm starting to give up debating with liberals.
I gave up years ago there's just no point in it. In order to have a conversation with a liberal you have to dumb yourself down to far.


"When Inverted down is up and up is expensive"

10-04-2015 02:51 PM  3 years agoPost 42

rrKey Veteran


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Kick me
shrink for ya
yourself down to far
as well
reopen mental institutions
gun buyers have to be checked better
see, the guy was kicked out of the Army in a short time, so he should have had some kind of mental history file attached to his SS# [regardless of political identity & race or anything for that matter]
In November 2008, Harper-Mercer enlisted in the Army, but flunked basic training and was discharged the next month “for failing to meet the minimum administrative standards,” according to Army records. Military officials did not provide further details.

10-05-2015 05:22 PM  3 years agoPost 43

rrKey Veteran


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rest my case
gun buyers have to be checked better
this is how supposed to be done
aimed at strengthening background checks on gun buyers and eliminating legal immunity for sellers.

both missed the mental issue tho'

10-06-2015 12:00 AM  3 years agoPost 44


Texas, Houston area

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CNN Turns Mixed Race Oregon Shooter into a White Man
If you look at his social media picture it looks as if he could have been Obama's son just like Travon; CNN photo...not so much.

LA Times claims Mercer was a white supremacist

According to The Gateway Pundit and Conservative Treehouse, CNN altered a photo of Chris Harper-Mercer, the Oregon shooter, to make him look white.

“On the left is the selfie Christopher Mercer uploaded to his social media,” the Conservative Treehouse reports. “On the right is how CNN presented the same selfie in broadcast stories about him. Why did CNN need to change the complexion (color) of their broadcast?”

CNN also did not show photos of Mercer’s mother, who is black.

The reason CNN altered the photo is obvious: the race of Mercer does not fit the narrative that only white males — and thus white supremacist — can be mass shooters.

A black male shooter is incompatible with the racist Black Lives Matters class warfare agenda pushed by the liberal establishment and its propaganda media.

On Friday, a CNN correspondent, Pamela Brown, cited writings allegedly penned by Mercer where he “rambled about his hatred toward black men,” thus portraying him as a racist or possibly a white supremacist.

The Los Angeles Times also portrayed Mercer as a white supremacist:

A federal law enforcement source familiar with the investigation said, though, that authorities had obtained some of Harper-Mercer’s writings, as well as a note he left behind, suggesting that he supported white-supremacist causes and opposed organized religion. handle backwards is how I feel about current world affairs...

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HomeOff Topics News & Politics › President Obama's Emotional Reaction to Oregon College Shooting
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