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06-28-2015 03:54 AM  4 years ago
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jackson ms.

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hk111 4035-500kv
will the scorpion hk111 4035-500kv motor with stock shaft work in the x7? is it a must to have the shaft go halfway through or completely through the bearing in order for this motor to work? I've been looking for a cut and dry answer but can't seem to find it. thanks in advance.
06-28-2015 04:10 AM  4 years ago



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You want all the way through the bearing. Decreases likelihood of the shaft spinning on the bearing.

Going halfway through isn't much contact area, as well offering a less uniform contact area. I'd avoid it.

As for length of shaft to accomplish that, I'm unfamiliar with this motor/heli combo. Maybe someone else can chime in. Or you can take a measurement?
07-04-2015 03:02 AM  4 years ago
Heli Fanatix


Fountain Valley, CA

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The safest answer is:
Replace the shaft so it extends the counter bearing.

But I will add this much based on my experience:
I have flown very hard 3D with no CB (counter bearing) on the X7 and many other heli's with 6mm shafts. Now of course I trim the shaft to not extend more than 3mm pass pinion. I have also flown some with shaft trimmed 3mm below pinion (sits 75% of pinion).

Here is what I feel the reason for the CB:
- improper gear mesh (too tight)
- shaft will flex on 5mm shafts
- 6mm shaft took care of this issue
- but due to higher HS and torque of bigger motors, CB would be ideal even with 6mm

If you properly mesh the pinion and main gear by giving just a hair of backlash on the high spot of the main gear, you are good to go. It's time intensive but well worth it.

So there are a few parts to your question:
Base on my previous experience, you can use your motor with shaft that extended only half way through your CB. Since it's OK w/o a CB and with this route, it's better and it's added safety. Just make sure you use some Green Loctite to keep shaft from spinning in the inner race of CB bearing. Make sure no Loctite gets in the bearing.

* Gear Mesh is critical
07-04-2015 04:08 AM  4 years ago



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You need the eXtraLong shaft. There are Gaui branded and Scorpion branded versions but both are made by Scorpion.
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