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06-27-2015 08:39 AM  4 years ago
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texas - USA

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America's Obamacare Nightmare Is Just Beginning
Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the federal government could continue to subsidize health-insurance coverage through, the federal exchanges. An ecstatic President Obama declared that Obamacare is “here to stay.”

No, it’s not.

Here’s why. The driving force behind health reform has been the desire to control rising health-care costs. From 2008 onwards, President Obama promised that his reform agenda would reduce the annual cost for the typical American family by no less than $2,500. After a while, it became a rather tiresome talking point. But it was pure nonsense from the start.

Health-care spending increases were slowing down well before Congress enacted Obamacare. But with the onset of Obamacare, health-insurance premiums in the exchanges jumped by double digits, while deductibles increased dramatically. If you liked your doctor, you would be able to keep you doctor, the president insisted, but maybe not, in reality, depending upon whether or not your physician networks narrowed. Looking toward 2016, health insurers say premium costs will soar.

Under Obamacare, millions of Americans are forced to pay more for their government standardized coverage, regardless of whether they like it or not, whether they want it or not, or whether or not it forces them to pay for medical procedures that violate their ethical, moral or religious convictions.

So, the debate will intensify over the primary issue: costs.
In every state, the fundamental components of state health-care costs—the demographics, the underlying costs of care delivery and the competitiveness of the markets—are juiced up by expensive federal benefit mandates and individual and group insurance rules and regulations. These all drive costs skyward.

As my Heritage colleagues have demonstrated, this regulatory regime forces young people to pay up to 44 percent more in premiums. Washington’s subsidies simply try to hide the true costs of the law; they don’t control them.

The law remains unworkable. The complicated insurance subsidy program itself has been a mess. H&R Block reported that about two thirds of subsidy recipients had to repay money back to the government because they got bigger than allowable subsidies.

As for the employer mandate—another fractured cornerstone of Obamacare—the administration has delayed it for one year. Even liberal supporters now want to repeal it, fearing damage to the labor markets.

And what about those big “savings” from the Medicare payment reductions? They were earmarked to help cover the costs of the insurance subsidies. Yet the Medicare Actuary and the CBO have both routinely dismissed the massive Medicare payment cuts as either unrealistic or unsustainable.

Meanwhile, other problems mount. The state exchanges are financially troubled. Coverage is still insecure, especially when loss of employment is tantamount to a loss of a health plan. Bureaucracy, red tape and paperwork plague the system, increasing costs and frustrating doctors and patients alike. All of those problems are getting worse, not better.

Obama would have been better off if the SCOTUS had stopped Obamacare. He could have said: "I tried." The costs won't away and won't go down. Obamacare is owned by Obama and the Democrats
90% of life is "showing up"
06-27-2015 09:06 AM  4 years ago



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90% of life is "showing up"
That's how Roberts achieved his pathetic goals.
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06-27-2015 01:38 PM  4 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Flat Land's

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Probably only a few can recognize what SCOTUS did on the Chess Board:

Robert's was brilliant ! he was the one whom also called OBAMA a LIE-r
at the very 1st State of the Union on T.V. 1st term

A. They DO Not have a Democratic Candidate - & HE { They are Trying to Raise Tempest's of Storm's INTENTIONALLY } among the Public.

Essentially collapsing Obama's Political Thunder - Intentionally
Do the Complete - UNEXPECTED - Knuckle ball and a Good ONE they can't hit.

: In the Socialized Heath Care Issue :
They took a pass ! By Rendering a opinion that was a pure KNUCKLE BALL:
Intentional Mis - Interpretation to the written word on Purpose { THE STATE )is Not the Country of the USA. It is Communism

It will not stand { Needed Time to figure a solution to the mess } push it off till the NEW Administration - It has physically collapsed any way and is tied directly to the IRS and Immigration : Both of those are a mess.

IN GAY Marrage : That was a DIRECT VIOLATION of the procedure's of LAW to add it to the CONSTITUTION.

It was NOT a LAW to be ADDED in the 1st PLACE !

Judges cannot write LAW - THE TEMPEST ? For Anti GAY Marriage was also reinforced by Scoliea's Opinon : Most likely the TWo figured OUT how to deflate IT - ROB OBAMA !

Take it off the Democratic side of the table prior to the Election ! Hillary has also got too Defend It !

Then they get so eager to raise a TEmpest ? OBAMA & Minion's DE - Face the White HOUSE in Rain Bow last Nite.

NExt Boomerang : > ?? Most likley BALTIMORE ? and Full Disclosure or ??? they are still Burying the State Dept E- Mails and IRS and VEt's Administration and MORE !

CAN The Smidgion's and List's of Violation's: Destroy a Democracy / Republic : NOPE ! Every step appears that way -

DO NOT IMPEACH Witness History
06-27-2015 02:47 PM  4 years ago
fla heli boy

rrElite Veteran

cape coral, florida

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I think that decision actually helped Republicans.
The libtards were already beating their war drums that it would be THEIR responsibility to fix a law that not a single one of them voted for.
Now they can sit back and watch it tank and say "I told you so".
06-27-2015 03:15 PM  4 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Flat Land's

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Actually : It has gone NON- Political No party Affiliation's :

Turning into a Democracy Struggle and Coverage or LIE for what has occurred

Why the TRUMP CARD !! The Exposure ! He Thrives on IT ! Could Care Less Also !

{ been that way since the beginning } of the {Second Term} after the election defaulted - Individual's have lost their memory filing and recall skill's set's - It's Drivin TOO !

You new color's are GREEN & Soothing Orange ! Lot's of Bunny Stories to add too it for imbecility' - Blanket's - and most do not READ but look at Pictures. Re : What happen to the TWO Cop's shot in Ferguson??

AND become EXCEPTIONALLY LAZY to do a bit of Home work / research ect.
Find Fact with Evidence then LOOK

To HAVE Every Thing GIVEN - Dependency or provided.

We haven't seen Nutty yet to Stir a Tempest :

Look Forward a Brief Period of The Democracy of FEDERALISM :

We have Earned it !
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