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06-27-2015 06:16 AM  4 years ago
Dennis (RIP)



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FWIW, I don't like the propaganda crapping on blacks either. You get this 90% of blacks killed by other blacks statistics pooped out at every opportunity. Fact is, it's a nonfactor. The white on white violence rate is 83%. If you're white, you're six times more likely to be killed by another white than another race. Statistics can say anything you focus on. Stop spreading the stupid stats. All these prove is that your own race is more dangerous than others. But then, that makes no sense, does it?
I think it's an important statistic and it is factual.

It shows and proves there is no such thing as a white on black genocide thing going on in the USA. Blacks kill more blacks than any of the races combined as a percentage of population. Look it up yourself. I doubt you will.

I see time and again some screwball on MSNBC or CNN yapping about whites constantly murdering blacks to the point of genocide. It's just not true and it a bold faced lie. That needs to be shown for what it is instead of perpetrating the lie.

It's a fact. Blacks kill more blacks and produce more felony crimes than any other race in the USA as a percentage of population. There are many reasons for that. But, it has little to do with whitey or racist policies in the USA. It has more to do with a lack of personal responsibility which seems to have disappeared out the window of late.

Speaking for myself I will quote those statistics where ever the race lie is perpetrated. If you choose, you may close your eyes. That's your right.
Liberty once lost, is lost forever.
06-27-2015 09:04 AM  4 years ago



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Sometimes you have to play the role of a fool to fool the fool who thinks they are fooling you
That's further BS....

That logic is for fools
06-27-2015 03:47 PM  4 years ago
wc_wickedclown (RIP)


long beach calif

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My point wasn't to get into spouting stats back and forth. Where blacks are all violent criminals and whites are all mass murderers. Each side dehumanizing the other.
ive said this before.
Insha Allah made in america
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