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06-04-2015 07:25 PM  4 years ago
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Surrey UK

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HK401B Gyro

I had an issue today where I connected all up, and was just about to take off, and noticed gyro light out, and rudder servo at full extent of travel.
Nil response at all from rudder stick.
Wiggled gyro connector at change.
Re-powered all, and all behave normally.
So, it seems as though the gyro had "crashed" internally.
The only thing different on this occasion, was that I had a somewhat messy battery connect up, ie, because main pack cable was strained, the connectors arced a couple of times prior to firm connection.
Is there a chance that a flaky initial power-up of the gyro could have "tripped it up" at all?
I cannot get it to fail at all now, and am convinced there really was no loose connection
Please shout if anyone has experienced this.
Many tks, Steve
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06-06-2015 03:02 AM  4 years ago


Cedar Rapids, IA

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Bad power at initialization, and most likely moving the heli around while it's booting up is never a good idea. Even with a cheap gyro.-----

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