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Thunder Tiger
Raptor E550 › Raptor E550 First Flight
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wild bill 03



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First off Im just getting back into it after several time outs over the years after first starting heli's with a GMP Cricket back in 1984. In later years a Kobe Kiko Huges 300, a GMP Competitor, Nexxus 30 Trex 450.
My latest time off was 4 years ago when I was flying a Trex 450xl. Never was able to spend much money on them so crashing wasn't an option and that made crazy aerobatics and inverted flight out of the question but I did do loops, rolls, 540 stall turns and some other basic tricks. Now finally I can afford to do repairs so I will try the tougher stuff. But my past did make me a better pilot as far as not crashing (Well almost never), and it made me much more patient in the learning process and not force myself to do anything dumb.

I bought a new Trex 450 Pro V2 to refresh my flight skills with first since my old trex had issues from the 4 year hibernation.

Sunday was the first test hover of my new Raptor E550. It is my first flybarless and 3 axis gyro and I was intimidated!!!! In the old days flybarless meant it was nearly impossible to fly. The GT5.2 seemed to have problems and would lose its program after everytime setting it up I even found online videos to walk you thru the setup so I know I was doing it right but still no luck.

Ilater found that other people have had problems with them also.
So I bought an AR7200bx since I am using a DX7S transmitter. The only problem I had setup wise was that I must have bumped the stick while going thru the menus on the AR7200 and my tailwas setup backwards.

I made up some wood dowel/wiffle ball training gear because of it being a new heli and the fact I have never setup a flybarless before and Raptor parts were said to be hard to find ( I did find a source on ebay and Thunder Tiger direct)

First flight was great!!! I cant believe how easy it is to fly. I did have to take some pitch out because it would lift off before 1/2 throttle stick in Normal Mode. I only had one battery so I never took it into forward flight, but I flew it again on Monday and came away even more impressed with it! A new battery came today and a 3rd should be here tomorrow so this weekend I will get 3 flights instead of the measly one. Cant wait! I will likely stay on the training gear at least one more flying day. I will also try Idle 1 and Governor mode (Never had Gov before).

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Summerville, GA

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Awesome to read your story.
I just recently got a 550 myself.
I only have a couple of hovers on it at this point.
But, I am sure that I am going to love it.

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Thunder Tiger
Raptor E550 › Raptor E550 First Flight
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